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  1. Shocking performance. Things have to get better again and stay better.
  2. This sort of story in the Daily Rectum or The Scum should be taken with a sack of salt.
  3. It's right. Banter is one thing but if you make bad comments it can reflect badly not only on yourself and the site you're using but also on the club and the support. Yahoos jump on such stories to try to demonise us. You never know who's watching!
  4. A hard-earned and well-deserved win. Well done to Harry Forrester, Joe Dodoo and Mark Warburton for the goal - and to the lads in general.
  5. Makes sense to go with an unchanged team. We could do with a bit of stability. I'm guessing it won't be an easy game though.
  6. I expect a hard game. I'm pretty sure Gilks and Hodson will drop out though both did well at Hampden. I don't think there'll be too many other changes.
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