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The same expectation


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Ally has now lost his complete forward line to injury. Laff out for 6 weeks, Jela injured pending a move away and wee niasy out for the season. Losing one of these would be bad enough. We lost Jela for a good part of last season but still won the league but to lose the 3 of them is a massive blow as McCoist intimated yesterday. You could see Ally was perplexed in his post match interview yesterday stating that the Lafferty injury was a masssive blow to the club and I agree because he knows that Jela is away and Laff an Naisy are long term injuries. Ally also knows that the expectations at our Club will be just as high where the fans expect Rangers to beat any team put before them.

Difficult times for Ally as unfairly his job depends on it despite the fact the Craig Whyte has indicated that there is little or no money to spend and only if some of our "battle weary" and "depleted already" squad is sold off.

Lack of competition for places, poor tactical decisions and rank rotten poor form have dwindled away a healthy lead in the SPL which would have come in handy just now !

What is you realistic expectations bearing this in mind ?

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The point about losing Jela last season is redundant because at that time Kenny Miller was on fire and was basically scoring almost 90% of our goals.

Regradless of how Healy played yesterday we need 2 strikers IMO. I would pitch for Sandaza as I feel he is a very underrated footballer that is very clever on the ball and would work well if we continue to play the ball on the floor. I would also like to see a penalty box striker in the mould of Scott McDonald (from 3/4 years ago mind) to put away scraps and to be a general nuisance to defenders.

Low cost players that can hopefully have high returns is what we need at the moment

In central midfield we NEED to hold onto McKay and just tell McCulloch he's done.

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Depending on the Jelavic situation I'd not be against a loan signing for the remaining months of the season. There could be opportunties to get someone on the fringes of their National squad in when you factor in the Euro's in the summer - granted we only have domestic fixtures to offer but that could be something that a striker would look forward to, ie banging the goals in to get confidence up. Someone from a country like Denmark, Russia or even Croatia could work.

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