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Young McCabe


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It doesn't really matter what your opinion is he was injured and that's a fact did you not see him being helped off the park against Celtic


I have seen people fukn carried off and starting the next game

As I say if he was injured fair do's but I would not be shocked if Super was simply shielding the boy a little

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Why would he need to be shielded Ally was happy throwing him in the deep end in a game that had the highest stakes possible (i.e lose the league at home agianst the scum) so why would McCoist worry about playing him against Motherwell if he wasn't injured then he would have at least been on the bench.

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Shielded BECAUSE of his Old Firm masterclass

It is easy for a youngster (in a way) to go out and express himself when nobody expects a damn thing.

A different matter a week later when the full glare of a mhank driven (not to mention severe overdrive on our own expectations) spotlight is on you.

Maybe Ally knows a fall is inevitable so protected him to allow it at a place where sites like ours aren't full of 'he's pish' or 'he's a slightly lighter Charlie Adam' nonsense.

As I say it is my opinion so not sure why the hysterics are in full force.

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