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The truth about TGFITW now clear for all to see


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The ground half full for a cup tie against their nearest rivals makes it clear that with no Rangers around they just aren't interested. The truth is far from being the best fans in the world they are the most bitter because they hate us far more than they love their own team

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In years to come cellic fans will be saying "Was the stadium half empty, or was the stadium half full back then?"

And in years to come historians will be saying "Either way, how the fuck was the official attendance always given as 60,000 "

Or, In years to come, shellik fuds will be saying, "How come Rangers allways managed to fill Ibrox back then ?".

And in years to come historians will be saying, "Thank fuck Rangers were still around back then, or we would have fuck all to cheer about , as there would'nt any fitba to speak of now!" :7325:

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