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Rangers Gifts For Fathers Day


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Looking for a Fathers Day gift?

Why not give your Blue Nose dad a Rangers book!

‘It’s off to the match I go’


Rangers supporters get portrayed far too often as bigots, thugs and mindless morons – and you know what – we’re nothing of the sort. We are normal folk with hopes and desires like everyone else, we experience joy and tragedy, have good days and bad days … we just happen to follow a team based in Glasgow who play in blue. ‘It’s off to the match I go’ is my story, growing up as a Rangers fan.

Ten copies in stock at the moment, will be sent out on same day as order if before 3pm.


‘It’s a Glasgow Rangers Story'


This is a more generic book looking at seventy odd years of Rangers history, from the 1940s to the present day, with contributions and anecdotes from over one hundred Teddy Bears. The book looks at some memorable victories, the great players and the personalities that have graced the club - but also at some the less pleasurable moments, because you really can’t have one without the other.

Thirty books in stock at the moment, will be sent out on same day as order if before 3pm.


Proceeds from the books, or fundraising copies, have been donated to the Scottish War Blinded, Rangers Charity Foundation, and to other worth causes … including the Fernando Ricksen MND appeal, British Heart Foundation, Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal, the Founders Trail, and to Youth Football in West Lothian.

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