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  1. Can somebody shed some light on the racism part for me? I have no idea where racism comes into 4 lads had a dream, am I missing something obvious? I’ve been singing it in my head trying to see what part they could be on about and still nothing.
  2. Billy from musselbrough must’ve been boozing since lunchtime. The fuck was he on about😂
  3. This. They’ve won absolutely nothing to merit being called a big club.
  4. Can’t wait to see the kind of business Steve Bruce does with a billion pound budget
  5. Probably too late to target other journos as they will have spent all weekend deleting tweets
  6. Could imagine the two of them having a wee chuckle before it’s printed and wee Gaby buzzing to read it, now he’s collateral damage😂
  7. Double time and a Rangers old firm win, it’s the dream Sunday shift🙌🙌
  8. I’m absolutely stunned by this. 1-0 against 10 men I never thought we were going out tonight. Disgraceful
  9. Everywhere reporting Messi to PSG is a done. 2 year deal
  10. Grealish to City official, number 10 shirt. Messi to come in and take it right off him
  11. Would love to see him in England but I think it will be PSG. Would be a laugh if city called off the Grealish move to sign Messi instead
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