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  1. How long are Davis and LeBron out for? I think Lakers have been lacking in the past few weeks or so without LBJ. Really like Davis as a player and feel Lakers would be up there with the Jazz in the west if he was available. Also looking forward to seeing the Nets at full strength when KD is back.
  2. Would love Lille to get it just to get it up PSG, however I think they will slip and Paris will have too much quality and win in the end. I think PSG only have 3 or 4 in a row, pretty sure Monaco won it a few years back to break up their run.
  3. I’m sure he thinks they’re usually good cunts
  4. Can still see fosters sitter if I close my eyes. Should’ve been 3 up by halftime
  5. Why is it all these scum bags on social media have their profile picture as their kids?
  6. 😂😂😂 hope his ladders got another extension, doesn’t look like his wee legs will let him reach
  7. I live quite near parkhead and all I can hear right now is fireworks😂
  8. Pretty shite game. Positive is Morelos finally got his goal against them and were stilL unbeaten, was a training game for Scottish cup prep anyways
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