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last night was the 1st time my brother had ever visited the girodome

we got in about 30 mins or so before kickoff, and when we got to the seat, he just started pissing himself laughing, so naturally ive turned to ask why.....

he said he has never seen a mhankier, dirty looking building in his life...

the fact that the seats werent in alignment, the rows and numbers have no rhyme nor reason, the floors are sticky and obviously hadnt been cleaned

the fact we had parked in dalmarnock didnt help, he pissed himself laughing at the street we parked

he then went onto say at the end of the match.....i thought celtic where famous for creating an athmosphere, couldnt hear a fucking thing until they scored

does he have a point or was he in one of those moods :unionflag:

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Oh he's quite right, a dump of a Stadium in a dump of an area.

As we passed it on the way to Firhill we were looking around at the devastation, and some wag says 'You know, it's just what this area needs, a world class velodrome'.

Look at the number of restricted view seats in the stand opposite the main one - there's a row of pillars all along the rear.

And they leave their scoreboards on 24/7 for all passing to see, but a substantial portion of the crowd can't see them during the game.

And they think that midden is a top class stadium.

They are not normal.

They are not even normal liars....

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