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How will the touts/agencies play the ticket game


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Although just now there still sky high, an unsold ticket for a big event needs to be sold, if its got to be posted by Monday at the latest.

One web site i just looked at had 42 different variations of tickets ranging from 9-16 hundred quid, alonside each option was a drop down box with the numbers of tickets available, they must have feckin hundreds, check it out.


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I have a German web link for a ticket sales site that is kosher...

The lowest priced tickets are just a bit more than what I paid at 850 Euro..so a bit cheaper than UK.

Problem is a lot of these sites are selling IN PAIRS!! (I had to buy a pair of the agent I bought from too)

They can deliver next day apparently...but then you've some fuckin admin fee as well... if they go down in price any more I'll post the link on RM...

I paid 1600 Euro (£1300) for a pair...really dear...but I justified it on basis that if we were playing in a nearby European city, I'd have gone and had hotels and flights to pay...and I'll probably be dead by the next time I get the chance!

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