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who will be moving on?


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With our net spending totalling around £6 mil its clear we need 2 move a few players. hemdani, cousin, gow and buffel immediatley spring 2 mind but don't know how much we would get for them or if we would do as we usually do and let the go on the cheap. would love to see a few more head out the door.

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Can't really argue with any of the names above, my fear is though Hemdani-free, Gow-part of the Lafferty deal, Cousin- nobody beating down our door to buy him, JCD-who will spend big money on a player who can't manage a full game (though his strik record is quite good), Buffel-possibly the only one which we get a return on

that leads to the scenerio that in order to raise money one or more off the second list will be sold, you could probably add Thompson to that list as well

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Buffel is being allowed to leave on a free, Hemdani we should get money from and I believe JCD will leave for around £1.5million sooner rather than later.

Cousin is the difficult one given his problems of last season but if we can also move him on for a similar fee, that not only brings in a few more million but it frees up substantial wages for further new players.

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