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  1. Just want to get out of there with a win and no new injuries.
  2. Hopefully take a two goal cushion over to Russia. A clean sheet bonus. This mob won't be any mugs.
  3. Would take a score draw. Not bothered about the performance. Just go there and get the result.
  4. I don't think there's any doubt Miller is the leak. Even if you don't agree with the manager you are still playing for Rangers. Unlike the PLG era the players certainly didn't down tools tonight.
  5. The first 30 mins was excellent. Sending off changed the game but Stokes should have been off before that. Sorry to say but second half Hibs played us off the park and our tactics of lumping it long to Herrara didn't help.
  6. Good performance. Think we've got two gems in Niko and Windass. McKay and Halliday have started the season really well. Hodson looks tidy enough as well. Really positive about the new season.
  7. What an outstanding statement from the club. Didn't miss anyone.
  8. Only 1 spelling mistake in that banner. They are getting better.
  9. Dumbarton have had the best chances but if we had got that penalty in the first minute it would have been a different story.
  10. Expect a couple of changes for this one. Going for 5-1 as always.
  11. A pretty flat performance but a more than comfortable game. Thought Kiernan and Holt did well.
  12. I'll be sticking my usual 5-1 on. It's came up twice already this season and I've got a feeling it'll be up a few more times come the end of the season. Looking forward to seeing more disrespect from Oduha.
  13. Say what you like about big Wes but he's excellent at coming for cross balls. Miles better than Bell.
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