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Throw David Murray down the well....


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"Throw David Murray down the well

So the Rangers can be free,

We must get him out our club,

And return to be the best in the country.......

Throw Murray down the well........

Sell our club to one that cares,

We need someone who's in charge,

That cares about the Teddy Bears

Throw Murray down the well,

his business decisions they are rash,

He can fuck off out of lbrox,

And count his fucking cash

Throw Murray down the well,

We need our owner to be a Fan,

Get rid of all the deadwood,

Especially Martin Bain and his tan

Throw Murray down the well,

Get rid of Murray Park,

Bring in someone who loves Rangers

And will really make his mark

Throw Murray down the well,

lts time he listened to the fans,

'cos we are the Rangers, we are the people,

Lets make sure we keep it that way''

to Borats ''throw the jew down the well''

l know its too long a song to be sung....just a daft jokey song, but valid points!!

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