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  1. He has already started it, but its not going too well as he's using a ruler to write it while his pen has been loaned out to cowdenbeath.
  2. Bobby Bee's Rubber Ball with the sectarian chorus?
  3. Only flaw in this is that the financial year for companies is generally 31st of March.
  4. That's a big fat lie
  5. You don't have to be tall to be tenacious in midfield. We've had Gattuso, McCall who controlled the centre of the park. Neither were the greatest passers but they won the ball and played the simple ball to the creative players who could. Not seen enough of Murdoch, but he's still young and would provide options and competition.
  6. Have you tried Rangers Football Fans In Training?
  7. Year 1 Win championship, Scottish cup, league cup, petrofac cup. Forget to apply for entry to spfl. Year 2 Win championship, league cup, Scottish cup, petrofac cup and Europa cup. Year 3 Win championship, league cup, petrofac cup, Scottish cup and qualify through champion s league.
  8. What about Gazza, Flo and Trevor Steven?
  9. What a swine, it took me ages to make a decision the first time. Mols is by far the best striker, but Rod wouldn't be far behind. Gough the best defender but Weir is a more than able deputy. But Goram is miles better than Shagger and Durrant is slightly better than McCall. And finaly even though Cooper is one of my favorite players ever I would prefer Albertz in 5s. Therefore, I've changed my vote to team 1. Can we change Amoruso for Greig?
  10. What 11 first team players? Most of the players lost were squad players at best. Simo/Robinson were back up to bell Jig/Moshni were back up to McGregor and Zal Black? Daly/Boyd? The only first teamed we lost was the much maligned Foster. The only one that got pass marks at most was Smith and that is purely because of the freekicks.
  11. 3rd one down for me but it was close with the first team, but Jukebox's inclusion swung it.
  12. They did the orange shorts and socks too.
  13. How does that impact the sanctions placed on Rangers by the SFA? Surely, they should be redressed as all they did was further punish the victim of a crime.
  14. Good shout, his height would be an asset for set pieces