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  1. Phenomenal stuff. The songbook has been great recently let’s keep it up.
  2. Voted McGregor as more of a best of the rest there’s no actual debate over who deserves POTY.
  3. Guy behind me was going off his nut at people booing him. Very strange.
  4. Our best midfielder and potentially our best academy player since McGregor.
  5. McCrorie; Flanagan, McAuley, Katic, Halliday; Grezda, Davis, McCrorie, Middleton; Lafferty, Defoe. Use some of the guys that haven't played as much. Let Defoe & Davis get some game time under their belt before Killie. Don’t risk the guys potentially coming back from injury like Barisic.
  6. Utter shite. Ferguson is just as much of a Rangers fan as anyone, he tries to be a bit more impartial as a pundit which maybe disagrees with some but ultimately it’s proved effective for him. Honestly it seems the more you support Rangers as an ex player the more abuse you get on here. Barry was one of mine and thousands of others hero’s growing up.
  7. Nope. I’m not having this sugarcoated. He was fucking dreadful. We had one good result after 2015 and it was the game against the Tims. He was one of the worst managers in our history above only Pedro and McCoist and not to mention he was an absolute snake. Wish him nothing but failure. Thanks for Tavernier and the first few months of successful -4 bets though.
  8. Rather have many players meriting a place than only a few. Good position to be in. I said months ago this was the first likeable Rangers squad and I stand by that, they just get it.
  9. Candeias isn’t needed against half the teams in the division and McCrorie & Jack shouldn’t play together unless it’s against the better sides. So Candeias & McCrorie.
  10. Kudos for giving us some of the worst results in our history in only a few months. Kudos for signing some big wasters on huge wages. Kudos on causing the club to lose money in paying off his actual signings.
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