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  1. How many of our players are good enough to be in a Premier League winning team ? l would think quite a few have the potential and will only get better.
  2. Rangers Tv Live On Iphone / Ipad

    I bought the Microsoft surface so l could watch the games and it works great, worth a thought for future buyers
  3. Our Attendance V Everyone Else

    We beat Newcastle, they had 49019,l think that makes us 3rd biggest in Britain behind Man Utd and Arsenal
  4. Mcgregor

    He is a better defender than Kiernan has looked so far
  5. I'm Thinking Of Joining Rangers First

    l took a life membership to help to try and overthrow the board and l hope for a day when a fans group 10% shareholding would have a strong input into the club. The dream scenario would be King and the 3bears owning around 40%, Sarver owning around 40% and small shareholders and fans groups owning around 20%.
  6. Rangers First

    Joined with life membership
  7. Big Eck

    l would like to see McLeish and McCall as our management team.
  8. Bad News In The Morning?

    The Three Bears and King have just spent nearly 5 million on shares they are not going to risk losing that
  9. for the record John bomber brown fact

    I agree Bomber does not deserve the criticsm he gets, he has been right about most things and has the guts to speak out.
  10. With all the talk of slashing costs and losing a million per month surely there should be a strong move to increase revenue as every area from the matchday food to merchandising and sponsorship deals are pathetic and there is no talk coming from Wallace of how to improve income. Any ideas ?
  11. David Leggat - Your Honest Opinion ?

    I am amazed at the abuse Leggo gets on here ,for years he has been the media person standing up for the Gers.He as years of experience and numerous contacts in the press and football authorities and knows what is going on.He gets criticised for conspiracy theories and agendas against Rangers but look what has happened to us,if anyone does not think there are people trying to do us harm they are dreaming.He got hammered for supporting the Blue Knights,for critising Whyte and Green but every one of us had an opinion and he was right on Whyte and the vast majority of us have happily changed our opinion on Green. Let's save our energy for people who are trying to damage us and not a friend of our club
  12. Coverage for overseas bears?

    The game is not on this week but the website saying they will be accepting payments next week and we should have next week's game
  13. Did you know...

    The NFL saved the Cleveland Browns and the Rugby League just lent money to the Bradford Bulls.Associations are supposed to support and help member clubs not try to destroy them. The outcome of this is that any Scottish club in our situation will go to the wall because the penalties are so severe it will not be worth trying to save them and the club is totally devalued by the actions of these vindictive authorities,or was that reserved just for the Gers
  14. It is our money

    Everyone who can afford it should buy a season ticket and save money on away games,put your cash into the Gers and nowhere else,I will defo buy two even though I live in the US.Now is the time to contribute to the re-birth of the mighty Rangers
  15. Up to 5 clubs going bust!

    Div.1 for me and then boycott away matches for the next 5 years,that is good for Gers and will bust these bastards just the same