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  1. Hamish Husband is his actual name!? I thought it was just some stereotypical name made up to rip the piss out of them
  2. Someone on my facebook just posted this: "wee bit a magic man utd have won the barclays premier league 20 times and ryan giggs has won 13 titles with them and put them together 2013 it was ment to be !" Cringing my fucking toes aff
  3. Not a big golf fan but I'm hooked here
  4. This Wrestlemania has been fucking dire
  5. Worst was Fir Park. The surrounding area's a fucking dump.
  6. First was a low finish across the keeper (multiple touches) and the second was a header
  7. I fucking miss Jelavic Yet more goals for Everton
  8. I scored from my own half with McCulloch earlier
  9. I've got a bruise from doing last night I fell onto the corner of the stairs when the row came back my way
  10. My second time in BF1 tonight, it was fucking mental One Step Beyond after the first goal was a real highlight for me, turned into a big mosh-pit by the end
  11. Some fantastic comments on that page
  12. BF1 for me
  13. Julian Draxler at Schalke