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  1. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    This Wrestlemania has been fucking dire
  2. Rangers in fifa 13

    I scored from my own half with McCulloch earlier
  3. Ohh what a atmosphere

    I've got a bruise from doing last night I fell onto the corner of the stairs when the row came back my way
  4. BF1 And BF2 Take a Bow Tonight

    My second time in BF1 tonight, it was fucking mental One Step Beyond after the first goal was a real highlight for me, turned into a big mosh-pit by the end
  5. Some fantastic comments on that page
  6. Motherwell roll call

    BF1 for me
  7. Queens park away

    It'll be weird just having to get a 75 to go to an away game
  8. The Young Team...

    There was an old guy near me today constantly moaning about Perry, like "Don't pass it to the fucking number 4", not even saying his name. Really annoys me when people moan about the players even when we're playing good, he was moaning when we were 4-1 up as well Thought Aird was a stand out today, really excited by him
  9. Union Bears statement regarding expansion

    Just seen that on Facebook, ridiculous
  10. Ramsden Cup Qtr Final v. Queen of the South

    I didn't get my ST seat because I was waiting on BF1. Will be getting 3 for there a bit later on.
  11. Looking Forward to another League cup tie

    Dundee Utd at Ibrox. Would love the chance to smash they cunts
  12. BF1

    Bits and pieces mate, but that just depends if you want to focus on the game as well or just enjoy the atmosphere like I was. Saw all the goals though