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  1. McKissock

    Gerrard gtf

    Fuckin brilliant. This team is performing well above what I'd expected. Massive credit to the players and the manager.
  2. McKissock

    Windass next up on Talksport

    Agreed. Probably the position which suits his attributes best, his pace really helped stretch teams. It was strange that Murty ended up dropping him deeper into the 10 role where I don't think he had the footballing intelligence to really make as much of an impact.
  3. McKissock

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Think this Ferguson/Robertson comparison game is a bit of a non-starter. Different variables, positions, different competitions, oppositions and so on. Agree with @G.E.C. that new ball is shite, looks like a custom PES ball.
  4. McKissock

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    The tour of Japan shite was ridiculous but the O'Donnell death situation was the worst - absolutely farcical. Lots of strange things happened that season - we cancelled a game against Gretna to prepare for the Lyon game in the CL at Ibrox. Just bizarre that the SPL would allow that tbh, but not as ridiculous as forcing a team to play 5 games in 11 days mind you.
  5. Also, if John fucking Beaton was calling something a foul I tend to think most of us would believe the exact opposite considering his previous...
  6. You might be right about putting pressure on officials. In the context of the match, though, it feels a bit pathetic. We barely had the balls to stand up to their players so whinging about the referee feels a little ridiculous to me. I understand the manager doing it as there's only so much control he has once a game kicks off, but the players can or should have the ability to influence the game over 90 minutes. Regardless of whether that's a foul or not (again, I think it is) we could have prevented that goal.
  7. I think it was a foul but this is a bit ridiculous.
  8. Honestly don't think Stubbs is a good manager at all. Only thing of note he's done is the Scottish Cup in 2016 - fair enough, that was a good achievement - but he failed to get Hibs up that year and failed to beat us in the play-offs the previous year when we were absolutely stinking. Only downside is that he'll no doubt be showing up on TV more
  9. McKissock

    Lafferty shoehorned in the starting 11

    I agree. I think Candeias has been fairly inconsistent recently, probably doesn't help he's been in and out of the team but one of the more positive elements of last season was it looked like the two of them had forged an understanding which was effective in both attack and defense. For a game like yesterday's, though, I think it was a mistake not to make the most of that understanding. Would also agree with the OP in that Kent should have been allowed to get at Lustig. Lustig is rotten, but punting balls at the big lanky streak of piss is one area in which he won't struggle and I think having Lafferty up there ended up becoming a bit of a crutch for our players to just punt the ball in his general direction. We might have been better served putting Lafferty wide right - he'd be pretty much ineffective there with the ball at his feet but for 45mins all we did was punt it at him anyway, so he'd have been better challenging Tierney in the air.
  10. McKissock


    The way the game panned out we never really got to see the best of him. We punted the ball over him for 45 minutes and then in the second half when we finally saw more of it, he looked very tired. Should have been subbed, perhaps the manager felt we needed him *because* we were seeing more of the ball higher up the park. Poor for their goal.
  11. McKissock

    Inswinging Low Crosses Towards Our Goal.

    Yep. The CBs weren't troubled by either striker and McGregor didn't get much out of Tav either. They were more dangerous down the left but tbh they looked most dangerous when they had sustained pressure through corners and set pieces - that all came from surrendering position too easily or stupid fouls.
  12. McKissock

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Plenty to digest here but I think because of how prominent Steven Gerrard has been in the last 20 years, we often forget he is still learning his trade here - regardless of experience as a player - he has precious little as a manager. This is a new team, a new manager and one which has shown improvement in some areas. I think it'll grow, but it does need time to do so. We panic too much because of what's gone before. Today was a big ask - but we didn't go about it in the right way, especially first half IMO.
  13. McKissock

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    This isn't working.
  14. McKissock

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Slow start from us so far.
  15. McKissock

    Halliday & Gerrard

    Aye. A good manager gets the best out of limited players - as long as Gerrard does that, Halliday is valuable to have in our squad. Pleased with how it's gone for Halliday because it must have been torture for the boy at times during his career here.
  16. McKissock


    Was one of our best tonight, strong performance.
  17. McKissock

    Tavs role in the team

    Think the attacking positions he takes up are impressive. Always seems to find space and if he’s under pressure, usually finds away out of it through linking up with Candeias. Sometimes his passing can be a little sloppy but that’s a minor gripe for me.
  18. McKissock


    Thought he was excellent tonight. Glad that the daft red card decision on Sunday didn’t derail his form as well. His all round game is steadily improving - hope he keeps up the goal scoring too.
  19. McKissock

    BBC Article

    Yeah, look there is no comparison between this and what happened across the city. Just going off the back of psb's post though, the incident occurred at our club, so ultimately it has to carry some culpability. I'm not saying we didn't do anything/everything by the book once the situation was brought to light. I doubt money etc would be discussed in public anyway, personally I think that telling the guy to chase the liquidators because it's a different company that's liable is a pretty crass thing to do.
  20. McKissock

    BBC Article

    I think we should. To play the 'different company' card in a situation where a former youngster and season ticket holder has had his life tainted by some scumbag feels a bit grim to me. As you say, it may well be the correct legal position but I think it would be the better option to try and make some kind of negotiation.
  21. McKissock


    Yeah, I tend to agree with this. Whilst he's not the perfect CB (if he was he wouldn't be here...) he's shown improvement as he's played more games. We look a far more solid side when he's involved. I think he usually performs in big games too. Never let us down away to them, away to Hibs, away to Aberdeen - he's usually done the business. That's usually a good marker of 'Rangers quality' for me. As Amac mentioned earlier in the thread, regardless of whether you think they're good enough to do the business for us as a title winning side, it is criminal that we've managed to let Bates and Wilson leave for buttons whilst Martin (who is worse than AIDS) was signed up.
  22. McKissock

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    This is what should have happened to Caixinha last season - might not have ended up in this pathetic mess if it had been done.
  23. McKissock

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Just cannot get my head around this appointment tbh. Along with qualities that Allen/the board think Gerrard might have, maybe they're gambling on the fact Gerrard worked with Rodgers and thinks that will give him some sort of opportunity to undermine Rodgers' team - I think that's a massive stretch but, what other reasons are there in favour of appointing another youth coach? Gerrard's profile might see us sign a higher calibre of player? Emphasis on might. The whole thing just seems bizarre to me. Since Warburton I've been hoping for someone with experience - it seems to be the key thing missing in the dugout. For some reason we're desperate to avoid someone with experience, trying to be clever and thinking outside the box with each appointment.
  24. McKissock

    Mindrot beyond the point of repair?

    Yeah. Whilst I think 5 or 6 new players can probably have a positive impact on the better ones, I'd probably clear the decks at this point. Mentally we have absolutely chucked it since the Ibrox game in March. To tell the truth, that's a damning indication of how fucking fragile our squad is. To be unable to recover from it is pathetic.
  25. McKissock


    Anyone think he's even going to come back to Scotland? I'd be very surprised. He'll loaf around Mexico and end up with his deal terminated just before or around the start of pre-season.