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  1. Genk have removed the story from their site.
  2. You do when the wee prick has downed tools. Hes missed more than hes played through his own doing since the turn of the year and the games he has played in he hasn't gave a fuck.
  3. Fuck every single imposter on the park today and fuck the arsehole who yet again made himself unavailable for selection.
  4. I'm actually fucking sick of the amount of matches Morelos misses due to his discipline/petulance. This is just another on the list. Hes by far the best striker that's played for us in years but I wont be too disappointed when we sell him.
  5. Gerrard has just said disciplinary issue. He failed to report back for training having been given leave to return to Columbia.
  6. Morelos has downed tools. Looks like he canny be arsed.
  7. If he can do it on our pitch in its curren state Hamilton's pitch should be a doddle.
  8. Folk ripping Kent in here to praise Hagi is mental, remember how elated we all were to finally sign him. Kent is a cracking player and to have him and Hagi playing together will be fucking delightful.
  9. Kamaras howler was very Worralesque. Hopefully doesnt have the same fucking impact on our season. Sort it out Rangers!!
  10. I would be disappointed if he signed for them. I feel we should have taken a punt on him at the start of this season. On the other hand I wouldn't want us giving they cunts a penny so fuck it.
  11. Registry Expiry Date: 2021-07-27@14:33:25 I've set a reminder...
  12. Stevie from 4lads stating we received a fee.
  13. Aribo getting pulled about two corners in a row by christie.... absolutely ignored.
  14. What games does he miss for that?
  15. Gerrard is saying he put morelos on penalty duties. Tav was solid in attack and defence today. If Tav played the way he played today in every single match going forward we would be more than happy. We lost to a shady fucking offside goal. We including tav played them off the park. We were unlucky to come up against their big mongo of a keeper playing his best ever game for then and a shite refereeing team.
  16. Its absolutely right to be highlighting this. A negative story for the "Morelos miss" when in actual fact it was a 1 on 1 chance where the keeper made a good save. Then on the other hand we have this pish. The original headline before they changed it was "Odsonne Edouard continues brilliant France form with outstanding goal." He scored a penalty for the u21 team for fuck sake.
  17. Arfield isn't directly costing us goals for or against on a weekly basis.
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