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  1. Hesgoal loyal http://www.hesgoal.com/news/64239/Lyon_vs_Rangers.html
  2. Exactly. She is completely out her depth like many others.
  3. Sorry bud but that sounds like football suicide to me!🙈🙈
  4. All in good time. Takes a lot of debating to conclude severance packages and gagging orders...
  5. As much as I hate the sheep shaggers be careful what you wish for. This unprecedented event will have a few squeeky arses in our boardroom.
  6. Sitting in the same train carriage as big Tore Andre Flo and his brother from Olso to Bergen.
  7. A simple yes or no is all that is required Dude. This,"it will be tainted" is imo a party line rolled out to cover ones arse as a phrase to remain partial as not to raise one's head above the parapet...🤔🤔🤔
  8. These unprecedented set of circumstances will imo highlight the bias and corruption in scottish football. I hope the decision is taken out of the sfa hands. League should be void and restructure of leagues put in place.
  9. A full house may be under threat tonight I would have thought. Should have been canned anyway.
  10. Wee Craig Broon played guys like Colin Calderwood and Tom Boyd instead. Prob would have been capped if didn't have to retire early with knee problems.
  11. Cunt of a job but someones gotta do it.
  12. I'll bite. You my friend are the definition of a poster who plays to the galleries dependent on how our team is playing.The absolute definition of bipolar. Your content on here from now on will be taken with the distain it deserves from me as your opinions are up and down like a whore's drawers. You look for reaction from fellow bears in times when all good bears are hurting badly. I'm hurting badly. Can I give the same credence to you.... doubtful. Wind your neck in.
  13. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/61120/Ross_County_vs_Rangers.html
  14. I think he will have too. Kante, Jorginho,kovacic all injured.
  15. It could make him as well. It's an opportunity to impress which may not have come about if the first teamers were firing.
  16. Only after a win so not much this year.
  17. Kelly especially should be part of 1st team next season imo. Been a stand out for Ayr this season.
  18. Would continue to not score goals....
  19. Yeah forgot about that. Explains a lot.
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