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  1. send me a pm, we can discuss this further, obvisouly admin don't want this but you need help, i'm there for ye bud!
  2. Castore trainers look pretty cool like! Edit: they don't have trainers..yet!! don't ban me please!
  3. Ill give you an update, we are all hoping we have something to bury the spfl, truth is everything out there just now should be enough to warrant an independant enquiry...but guess what its scotland, no one cares, so we are all hoping that our board have something that can not only nail them but convince a whole country of Rangers haters that our game is corrupt...sheesh!
  4. OMG the birds you would pull with them. thanks, whats the dearest aftershave i should buy as well?
  5. right now, vodka diluted with koppaberg! thats the dear cider...oooh probably showing off now eh, bet there is a dearer brand that could show me up!
  6. paki two bobs they were called, i so wanted the white ones!
  7. currently looking for a deal on the best most expensive trainers i can find...don't get them in a sale though, that goes against you, you have to pay more than the other guy....or yer maw did, riddy's thank fuck i left all that behind, thought maybe in the school yard but obviously not, if i buy the best most dearest trainers, will that make me cool?...basically just like burds showing their fannies on reddit, they feel inadequate...so then they attack other members or peers because they haven't spent that much money on footwear as they have, honestly enjoy yer ffray bentos dinner that your mum was forced to cook!
  8. the single maws go out break their back at work, to give their sons trainers that they won't be slagged about on the streets or at school...hahahahahahaha
  9. Whats the difference? a society that judges people by their footwear..oh my!
  10. see any cunt that thinks trainers associate with wealth, social standing, and look at me..i got these, need wiped out!.... ignorance they don't get or irony....fuckin the biggest spazo consumer dickheads on the planet
  11. its actually quite a good read, the cup wasn't awarded after 2 games https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52298349
  12. There was an article on bbc website about the 1909 Scottish cup final, I'll look for it shortly
  13. Sorry, i should say our club has evidence of corruption...why else would we ask for people to step down until an independant enquiry takes place...sorry i'm in lockdown and utterly bored and follow the thread!
  14. i beg to differ..you see sectarianism is so bad, protestants and catholics go out their way to attack each other on sight?...made up by the media now, but once money came into it...a divide was struck! Rangers and celtic fans used to watch the match together, no segregation
  15. he probably just looked too much like a girl, thats what i tell him
  16. you honestly don't know the half of it, i played football up here, a massive mixed bag of supporters, ive got 2 dundee utd friends, oh the fun lol, hearts, hibs...celtic fan is my best mate, he says hes actually guuted because he was an altar boy and never got touched haha, his dad was in the sas though so he is truly conflicted...motherwell fans, cunts!
  17. there are celtic fans here, over the years an old firm match on tv was entertaining to say the least lol, but after we got fucked over, every fan of another club hates us...i post anything against celtic, i get abuse, what i have noticed is when celtic win...its kinda meh, no one cares, Rangers get beat it goes wild
  18. originally paisley, moved to pitlochry, you want to see real hate against Rangers fans, move here
  19. OMG could it be you all live in a tiny wee bowl that nobody really cares about what acronyms you use outside your scheme...could plural that i suppose!
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