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  1. We will miss both of them, and Matt as well :-))
  2. Pig eyes must be spending all of his waking hours talking with lawyers and defending lawsuits.
  3. Absolute power corrupts absolutely... although I don't know if it is possible that they could become more corrupt
  4. This whole fiasco makes me want to vomit
  5. I agree, but I think that he really needs to work on his fitness. If he truly comes back hungrier, he should concentrate on that
  6. Those board members should have recused themselves from the vote, complete conflict of interest. Turkeys would not vote in favour of Christmas.
  7. I bet you it was written days ago. The vote was just a formality to take us to the next stage in nailing these crooked bastards
  8. Maybe time for one more disgruntled club to come out with a statement tomorrow prior to the meeting on Tuesday. Every one helps .
  9. There are many of us who are not Fat and Welsh :-))
  10. And song stealers as well..
  11. What exactly are the consequences that are so severe ???
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