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  1. Yessss! Let's hope that he finds the net
  2. Maybe find a spot for Stewart ? So much competition now, even to get a spot on the bench.. Kent / Stewart / Katic / Helander / Defoe / Jones / King / Flanagan / Barker / Polster / Docherty / Halliday etc. Bit of a headache for SG when everyone is fit.
  3. They will not be sleeping well in their PEN tonight thinking about the missed PENalties tonight ­čÖé
  4. Me too, met him in Victoria ,Canada at exhibition game. My two grand daughters were mascots at that game. Ally was last to board the team bus after the game, took time to sign autographs and take photos with all. A legend as a player, unfortunately it didn't work out as manager.
  5. He is such a polished professional, such a good influence on our Alfie as well
  6. doonald


    Good thinking, for many reasons
  7. doonald


    I will be glad when the transfer window is closed, he must be attracting attention and will cost much more next season if he keeps playing like this
  8. They should be called Ostrich F.C. "a club who refuse to face reality or accept facts " I have a few other worse names for them as well.
  9. You called it right B A, it is time for the board to become more vocal against these barstwarts
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