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  1. doonald


    I will be glad when the transfer window is closed, he must be attracting attention and will cost much more next season if he keeps playing like this
  2. They should be called Ostrich F.C. "a club who refuse to face reality or accept facts " I have a few other worse names for them as well.
  3. You called it right B A, it is time for the board to become more vocal against these barstwarts
  4. Not too many safe places to park that in Glasgow.
  5. It is absolutely shocking to note that not even a small amount of the Scum supporters have come out and publicly criticised their club's behaviour.. Do 100% of them have no decency? Maybe they are brainwashed, or perhaps they are fearrt. No not one, no not one.. indeed
  6. Well said BB, also the victims compensated financially as well. The scum do not understand that when you are in a deep hole, it is a good idea to stop digging.
  7. If the score goes the way we hope, should be lots of playing time given to subs
  8. I agree, we are gradually getting wages off the books for players that will not feature for us.
  9. Can't wait for league games to start. Even though I was taught to be cautious.., I am so much looking forward to this season !
  10. Very clever Denya, like it :-).. I live in Victoria, British Columbia
  11. Agreed, everybody wins
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