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  1. Tick Tock Big Jock.. soon the scum will pay the price for their evil cover up..
  2. Can you imagine the shitstorm she would have if everyone made a point of complaining all the time like Shagger did 🙂
  3. Video evidence should have seen Alfie's yellow card rescinded. They don't appear to be the least embarrassed about making a mockery of that bad call. Maybe you are correct however, we shall see.
  4. If the VAR decisions are made by the same idiots who refused to rescind Alfie's yellow card, then VAR will not help at all
  5. Will these be the same f uckwits who will be in charge of the VAR when implemented, if so , tough days ahead for us
  6. Both Morelos and Rangers win if he gets more minutes and goals with National team. Would get bigger transfer fee and hopefully bigger " sell on " clause.
  7. Let's hope he bangs in a few goals and gets even more attention and recognition
  8. If he confirmed interest, the scum fans would become even more rabid in their hate for him ( if that is indeed possible )
  9. Agreed, that is scary , hope they find the mhutants that did this and have them named , shamed and locked up.
  10. Great news, we need all the help we can get with so many important games coming up
  11. Let's hope that you are right. If he pleads guilty, not many of the sordid details will come out unfortunately.
  12. The scum have been pushing their luck with all the last minute goals and ridiculous decisions by referees . Hopefully their luck will even out and they drop a few games.
  13. I just read it. They are like an unemployed school teacher, absolutely no class !
  14. They are an Irish Catholic team so no surprise that they are riddled with paedos. The cover up is just as disgusting as allowing it to happen in the first place. They need to be thrown out the league and take their tricolor back to Ireland.
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