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  1. Our players seem to stand and wait on the ball,rarely do we have anybody attacking the crosses.
  2. We wasted more time wi our ticky tacky and nobody taking on the shot but glad to come away wi a point.Onward and upward Gers.
  3. Don't worry too much about M'well from a footballing perspective but I do worry about the walking wounded after playing them.
  4. Shagger kept us in it at ht but this team shows they have fight,much better in the 2nd,3 pts and 19pts in front,happy Bear here
  5. Happy wi the 3 pts but for the most part,was like watching paint dry.
  6. Strolled it after the 1st goal and big thanks to O'halloran for the laugh
  7. Anti-football from Motherwell,right subs made,got there in the end wi a deserved win.
  8. Looks like something a kids team would wear,it's crap.
  9. You'd need a grinder to get that rag off his back ;-)
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