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  1. Almost correct,he's not a Belfast Boy,he's from Whiteabbey,a village enroute to C'fergus from Belfast. As an aside,his 'wee' Bro is almost 7 feet tall and built like a tank and mad as a hatter.
  2. Looks like the Warburton years have returned.....possession is everything,don't take any chances incase you lose the ball,boring as f**k to watch.
  3. True mate....don't buy the programs and let the Club know why,f**k them.
  4. Killie's big CF looks a handful.
  5. Agreed,we showed more in the last 10 mins than the rest of the game. What is this sh*te of playing about wi the ball in our own pen area? .....and f**k BTsports wi their BLM and cellic flags at half-time
  6. I could keep this argument going all night but sadly I have work tomorrow so I will end by asking, why didn't Goldson make a plea for equality on the Rangers website or RTV,seeing as he's so badly victimised at Rangers? I have never heard anyone inside Ibrox abuse any of our players because of their race,so if he's taking a knee for 'his ppl' then he's making a political statement imo.
  7. ....and that is utter tripe.
  8. Hope the WE includes yourself and just maybe read something other than Lefty rags,you might get your eyes opened. Odd considering the abuse Richard Foster got on here for being a SNP supporter but no backlash from the Club,maybe his colour didn't matter eh?
  9. Then why is the Club trying to enforce his personal views on the entire fan base and yes,any ST holder should be fully refunded the money IF the Club takes it upon itself to deny what they've paid for without justification.
  10. So you're saying he's not supporting the BLM movement? Is there a shortage of oxygen in your wee bubble,ffs
  11. No problem supporting our players but why should we have to support their politics?
  12. I stand corrected,170 years apparently but that can't be official as the flag was blue wi a golden harp or the cross of St Paddy,re the Union Flag???
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