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  1. Well done to whoever sent the American vlogger 'JT Reacts' the Champions 55 flag,he showed it off well even tho he knows nothing about 'soccer'. LOL
  2. Made heavy work of that in the end but overall deserved the win.
  3. Man of few words ...or actions speak louder than words
  4. They're showing the celebration from the training ground on SSN now aswell
  5. Pished on tarrier tears. These lads have been locked down for about a year,they deserve to let their hair down,well done every man Jack of you. WATP
  6. Congrats on your 1st league medal SG,WATP
  7. 1st game outside of Rangers I've watched all season,f**k me,we really are a league apart
  8. You can't teach stupid,most of THEM are just born with it.
  9. What other supporters????
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