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  1. Aye,we endlessly punt in high cross balls and send our only tall striker who can use his head,out on loan,great thinking.
  2. PHEW....Lundstram MOTM wi Bassey a close 2nd. Poor poor performance from us wi Goldson having a nightmare,thank God Balogun was solid and some great goalkeeping.
  3. He sure didSome soothesayers on here wi their 2-0 predictions. Sakala looks the part for me,full of running and effort,too early to judge Bacuna but is the left side his position? Wee Holt wasn't long is learning the diving game after leaving Rangers.
  4. Pass,pass,pass,pass.pass and repeat.......will no f**ker take the shot on? " points threw away.Bring back Katic and maybe we'll threaten at corners ffs. Load of sh*t being served up atm.
  5. Sekala looks lively but Roofe seems to be playing deeper than usual? Bit more pace at times going forward but it's hard against packed defences.
  6. We're still not playing up to the standard we know they can,too loose in possession and lazy passing,creating little. Lyon are a decent team filled wi a bunch of diving bastards.Need to get our form back quickly and look to give the new boys more opportunities into the starting eleven.
  7. Never seen a side that gets away wi so many pushes in the backs of their opponents.
  8. Amazing the difference a bit of hunger makes,albeit against a lower league team.
  9. Take a leaf out of SAF's book and throw a boot or three Stevie
  10. Didn't realize that mate,looked more like gay mauve ffs
  11. Hope it's never seen again,should always be our 1st kit at Ibrox.
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