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  1. did thay not take beachballls to an city miles from the beach
  2. lets wreck the place >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fuck is some cunts beat us too it
  3. Its the establishments fault the manky mob would have had 300 points with 12000 goals scored and 1 conceded if it werent for the establishment helping us. These cunts have a site analising any decision against them or for us. If they thought that there was a conspirecy against them then monkeyheed would be still in a job as we have cheated with the sfa to win the leauge cause were skint.They seem to forget everytime they win the league you hear fuck all from them but when their getting hammered the conspiracy theorys come out. Whereas when decisions go against us we take it on the chin and move on. The reason were so hard to beat is bacasuse we are the people, weve got a great manager, a settled team,a team of winners and kris boyd. Therse are the fuckers thats so offended by us singing our songs which they classs as rascist and bigoted but when they sing thier rebel songs they are politcal songs. The way i look at it is they hate our goverment, they hate our royal family yet most of these cunts pay our taxes which keeps out royal family and goverment strong. We Are The People
  4. rutherglen
  5. Had one during 9 in a row had a pic of an empty trophy cabinet ans said 1UNUSED TROPHY CABINET PHONE PARKEAD and had the piggerys phone number on it
  6. someone posted on kerrydale street that hes only at celtic to keep fit for the world cup.
  7. SPIERDALAJ means fuck off in polish theres no translatin for the iti part i work with a pole si i will ask tommorrow
  8. Are there not 3 points at stake? I fucked that up. I should have said: "It's weird going into an Old Firm game where we could lose 5-0 and still be seven points and 14 goals better off than the taigs." would only be 10 goals better off for every goal they gain we lose a goal and 7 points
  9. The last time i got lifted the strathclyde police circulated a text round glasgow in the week before they came and charged me. This is their new policing style.
  10. if he was that fast they woulcnt see him being offside
  11. todays one is that scottish powers cutting the electricity of today
  12. i got banned for life for giving someone a link to the 7 1 dundee utd game. when i inquired why i was banned they wouldnt tell me why but said i could join using the same email but different username. then found this site and its better than follow follow
  13. yeah signed for the team hes always wanted to play for that why he was in london till 5 yesterday after west ham told him to jog on
  14. Hes scored 109 gaols in 10 years 11 goals a season. fortune 56 goals since 2002 7 goals a season. rasmussen 73 goals 2ince 2002 10 goals a season. Diomansy Kamara 58 goals since 1999 5 to 6 goals a season. Hardly prolific strikers lets hope they keep up their avarages