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  1. McCoist looking well

    SUPER ALLY is a legend, only those not old enough to remember what he did in a gers shirt could argue. Even as a manager he stood there alone while friend and foe were sticking the boot in,LEGEND.
  2. Follow Follow Alarm Clock

    Mine still works perfectly.love waking up to follow follow each morning. But not for sale.
  3. Blackpool has a new rangers bar

    the gallant pioneer is on station rd,which is directly opposite south pier,the new gallant pioneer display sign for outside wont be in place till the beginning of aug.the name outside currently is the ex forces family club.the newley opened rangers bar has been revamped to a good standard,has tunes on all day everyday,and is well worth a visit if your in blackpool.
  4. 33 years ago today

    when,s the weddin
  5. donated £10.first time donator due to the fact i had a shit bank account and couldnae spend online.sorted now ,happy days GREAT CAUSE. WATP.
  6. Genuine question about signing Daly?

    in my opinion signing a player from r.o.i while were climbing the leagues is good move,proving to doubters and potential investers that no matter your background if you give 100% the gers fans will support you.living in england like me it is easier to win friends and arguments with facts....Rangers have the most patriotic and royalist support in Britain.[ill informed englishman]but you dont play any R.Cs.[me] our c.f is from dublin mate,so who do you prefer the anti english poppy haters.,who support any one who has a grieviance with Britain.or the boys in red white and blue who are proud to support our troops, support our queen and proudly fly our union flag.supplied with the facts there decision is easy.[unless their granny is a tatty muncher]
  7. Goals conceded

    alway, a good bet,the opposition not to score against the gers,especially away from home.it was evens forfar not to score on. monday.
  8. Song for sale

    people with over 10,000 posts should have accounts closed,you can only talk so much sense then you start talking shite!
  9. Song for sale

    the thread is about as fans in England and Europe have started taking a bit of notice in the last 2 years,it seems like most would applaud us,and save up for a kick at them.
  10. how good was sergio porrini

    Porrini was no superstar ,but a steady 7 out of 10
  11. Song for sale

  12. Top 5 oppostion players you saw at Ibrox

    the only time rangers played arsenal in the seventies was the centenary game in aug 73,ger lost 2-1 with parlane scoring for gers and arsenal getting 2 very late goals.the admission cost that night was the same as 100 years previous 1p ithink in the boys gate.
  13. The Billy Boys Poll

    id have voted 6 if it started and finished the traditional way,but it didn't so I voted 11.
  14. Where can I buy old Rangers tops from?

    there is loads of rangers tops on ebay at the moment.theres even a 1972 ecwc shirt signed by the Barcelona eleven.with a letter of authenticity