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  1. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    I know Frank's name is out there and everyone seems obsessed with getting a "Rangers man" in so what's the chance of us enticing Gio Van Bronckhorst? Hes a former player who's actually having good success as a manager in a league that's not ridiculously far from ours standards and standing wise.
  2. Jimmy Calderwood

    Jimmy Calderwood? Might aswell bring in Big Gus McPherson. People are slating Warburton for not being able to handle the big time pressure he's under just now, and Jimmy has how much top level experience dealing with the pressure that comes with it. I'd like us to be looking at the likes of Northern Ireland's Michael O'Neil?
  3. See ya soon Carlos. Gonna Miss You Captain America....next your though....RANGERS!!! ASSSSEEEMMMBBBLLLLEEE!!
  4. C'mon Rangers! Where's big Charlie's smiling face!?
  5. My favorite comment from that Hearts forums is : "Fucking Zombie h***"...lol
  6. ***The Official Rangers v East Stirling Thread***

    4-0 McCulloch x 2, Shields x 1 & Goian x1
  7. ***The Official Rangers v East Stirling Thread***

    Id try this : Alexander Wallace Cirbari Bocanegra Little Shiels MacLeod Black Hutton McKay McCulloch