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  1. I know Frank's name is out there and everyone seems obsessed with getting a "Rangers man" in so what's the chance of us enticing Gio Van Bronckhorst? Hes a former player who's actually having good success as a manager in a league that's not ridiculously far from ours standards and standing wise.
  2. Jimmy Calderwood? Might aswell bring in Big Gus McPherson. People are slating Warburton for not being able to handle the big time pressure he's under just now, and Jimmy has how much top level experience dealing with the pressure that comes with it. I'd like us to be looking at the likes of Northern Ireland's Michael O'Neil?
  3. I think he could still move on loan to a Russian club, maybe even Turkey as they are still able to sign players. Personally I'd be delighted if he was back available and willing to play for us. His fair well interview with SSN was a very refreshing and inspiring admission.
  4. I'm the same, I'm more hyped just now than I have been for CL groups draws before! Can't wait!
  5. Black, Shiels, Templeton & Little have been stand outs but for me it's Anestis Argyriou, the lads been solid enough defensively but has looked a breath of fresh air going forward. Not to be too hard on ole Kirk but The Greek has shown more in his last two games than Broadfoot had done most of last season and this. Think this lad is my current favourite player.
  6. I'm gonna miss Captain America... Next year ya ruggered sum of a bitch....RANGERS! ASSEMBLE!!!!
  7. Kyle Hutton Lives!!!
  8. See ya soon Carlos. Gonna Miss You Captain America....next your though....RANGERS!!! ASSSSEEEMMMBBBLLLLEEE!!
  9. C'mon Rangers! Where's big Charlie's smiling face!?
  10. My favorite comment from that Hearts forums is : "Fucking Zombie h***"...lol
  11. Ill be there tomorrow & Sunday. GF3.
  12. I know we've got a young lad in our Under 19's, Stuart Urquhart who is highly thought of, hes a left sided defender.
  13. Because he looks like the character "The Undertaker" from WWE wrestling i believe. I dont think the new trialst looks that old but how fukcing young does number 63 look in the pic with Faure!?
  14. I hope this gets confirmed soon as i think we've pulled of a bit of a coup, a young, versitile european class defender. If this comes through i'm very enthsiastic for his debut.
  15. Add in Perry, Hegarty & Robbie Crawford who i think good be a gem.