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  1. They were singing zombie nation & singing one team in glasgow aswell .. big guy had lovely royal blue boots on to match his training tracky .. also never tried a leg for the cunts 🙌🏻💁🏼‍♂️
  2. 21E29446-E7D6-47F3-BE1F-8C0BC67CF348.MOV
  3. When 😂😂 .. missed this !!
  4. Saw them live tonight up watching Zander and they are fucking honkin .. if we turn up wel wipe the floor wae them no doubt about it
  5. Wee mccann slapped the beard right aff him mate .. ther good pals tbf zander tried to calm him down n neil never appreciated the fact zander put his hands on him .. obv tensions high especially on neils part after a pumping liike that ?
  6. Haha i wondered mate .. thanks it seems like we actually agree again haha ..
  7. It shows the tranny shagger pulling brown in right away as soon as they go to 10 .. hes clearly changing to suit the situation while murty waves his arms and shouts come on whike changing fuck all until its too late
  8. As good a point as ive seen to describe yesterday made in 14 seconds
  9. If hes played non stop and thats his excuse .. drop him out & let yhe form goalscorer in
  10. As i say mate play morelos as a 10 then .. the cfs job is to score goals when it matters . So far hes failed
  11. Im no dissin the wee man btw .. all im sayin is if you want him doin everything bar scoring great but have him in behind someone who will if not alongside them
  12. Hes your cf mate .. his jobs to score goals .. he had 2 chances to do his job & shat it .. i dont care if he runs about or bullies defenders .. a want him to score when it really matters
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