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  1. At last someone with some kind of experience from a top U.K club..
  2. Why would the EFL even discuss this unless they see a possible advantage for themselves.. ? Yes, it might just be BT and SKY whispering in their ears but I also see it as part of the EPL vs EFL rivalry
  3. Safe Standing

    Modern safe standing areas like in Germany have an extra step sort of but you need to rebuild the stand, but when finished you have twice the capacity of an all seated area..
  4. Given that I hardly had an idea about who they where... No
  5. 35K St Holders

    Unless they have watched us this season.. Anyone who has have lots of reasons to stay away
  6. 35K St Holders

    35K ST?... Well, not unless we sign Messi, we got a big and loyal fanbase but they are disheartened and will not sign up in droves just like that
  7. 5% Season Ticket Hike

    Desperate for cash are we..? Well, yes we are perhaps
  8. On The Bright Side

    Oh, I feel so much happier now...
  9. Also depends on how much money we are willing to spend of course...
  10. When All This Crap Is Behind Us

    That´s the spirit.. Bit sad that we have said this every year since 2012
  11. Can We Go Up Next Year?

    Yes, if we get a respected manager in that manages to assembly a team of hungry youngsters around 5-6 top division class players Otherwise..no way
  12. Call me an idiot but yeah, I will..
  13. Message To Mr King

    To be honest I´m at a loss to what I would recommend King to do.. and I´m not even a King supporter by any means
  14. As a club we are divided at all levels...
  15. Brilliant.. I´ll absolutely love trying to convince my workmates that I´m not bothered tomorrowz