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  1. moonlighter

    ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    And a happy new year to you David
  2. moonlighter

    ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    Serious question....anyone know what the odds are for Healy to score today? Can't see the odds due to surf control.
  3. moonlighter

    Tax Case

    So you did punch him then?
  4. moonlighter

    Tax Case

    I rang the Hilton, they said...Mr Effindeldelicious?? Ah!... you mean the guy that punched Mr Whyte over a table, when all Mr Whyte said was "i think i may have found a solution for the tax issue" Aye they knew him awright!!
  5. moonlighter

    ***the Rangers 0 Vs. 1 Malmo Ff Thread***

    Lads, what's the best way to get Premier Sports?. Been on the phone for feckin ages and no answer. Went on the website and it says min 2 months and £5 connection fee. Can you get it just for one month with no connection fee?.
  6. Justice will be done!
  7. moonlighter

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    How feckin long does it take to count oot £50m? ffs.
  8. moonlighter

    The official "Takeover Completed" thread

    Don't know if i'm away off in the wrong direction here but, would the fact tomorrow being the end of the current tax year and Wednesday being the start of the new one have any bearing on the timing of any deal? Would SDM want his monies now or after Wednesday? I'm no tax expert, just a thought.
  9. Scum couldn't live with big Jella, he owned them today, fuckin owned them!!