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  1. Very strong rumours doing the round that Sunderland have accepted a £2.5m bid for James McClean. Hope this is true, he'll command a huge wage and he's fucking pish.
  2. Some of the stuff said on this thread is embarrassing to say the least. FWIW, I thought it was a cracking read. Well done.
  3. Out of the 8 third kits we've had, 3 of them are black with another 2 heavily featuring it on the top. I'd call that often.
  4. Black has been a feature of our socks for many years. That's presumably how it's worked out being our third kit so often. Home: top base colour obviously, Away: shorts base colour, Third: Socks base colour.
  5. An orange kit would be a good wind-up, but that's it. We've already done it once, and it's shite patter repeating the same jokes. We have our traditional colours and orange isn't one of them.
  6. I don't think an orange top would look half as good as the new third kit. May I also say that the home one is a belter.
  7. The OP in this thread.
  8. Definitely hoping for a Tahiti giant-killing at some point. Do they not have Spain in their group?
  9. Buzz

    GTA V

    I'm just gonna get it on the PS3. Don't think I'll be able to afford the PS4 straight away at some of the prices they're quoting.
  10. I'm in no doubt about anti-RST sentiment being expressed on other forums. But we're talking about RM, not other forums. I'm sure they do, but it's largely symbolic because we're talking about the attitudes of the members, not the attitudes of the site. The stereotype of most posters on here? A few could include Anti-RST, Anti-FF, pro-Zeus, pro-VB. These are not bad things. In the old days a lot of the members were pro-Muir, anti-AJ. FF was the exact opposite. No way of knowing right or wrong answers at the time, that was just the way it was. Majority influenced by the minority, like I said. In any case, we're taking the thread well off-topic, but I'll discuss this via PM if you wish.
  11. Whoa, hold on cowboy. I didn't mention anything about the views of the site. We both know the site doesn't hold views on things like this. I was talking about the views of the members. Certainly, the last time there was an RST debate on here, the pro-RST side was a little outnumbered to say the least...
  12. I'll put another view on this appointment then. Is this just another move to grease the wheels for Dave King's alleged return?
  13. I call it as I see it. What articles the site publishes is a bit irrelevant, because all the discussion happens in the forums. Having said that, the site writing is excellent at times. Because I've been on here for many years, and I know the factions that exist. Most posters on here do fit a stereotype, and that's a fact. It's a lazy example, but the one I'll pick out is the anti-RST theme that runs deep throughout many on here. There's nothing wrong with that. In many ways, it's human nature. Often it's a good thing to come on here and read a different view on things. But to suggest RM is a place where everyone makes up their own individual mind, free of influence from other posters is quite simply untrue, and you know it. Therefore, it can get labelled with a stereotype the same as FF is constantly labelled with one. Not that anyone wants to hear that FF often has a rich variety of opinions, of course.
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