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  1. Probably my least favourite ever signing. Him or Ian Black...
  2. And 20m is nothing to EPL clubs now
  3. Don't let him leave for less than 20m with a 10% sell on fee....
  4. Hope the club send out a strong message and ruin this pricks career if he's messing us about. We seem to be treated like mugs by certain players.
  5. I think he's going to be a big player for us this year...
  6. People on here raved about Grezda due to the goals he scored against Motherwell, were he looked like he bamboozled himself but fluking it in!! The boy is gash and a complete waste of money.
  7. Get the World Cup awarded to the UK you basssards!!!!!!
  8. We should just leave the Scottish leagues, I'm sick of the shite football and clear favourtism that exists. Apply to join any English league that will take us. Will be worth it in the long run and we will leave as the most successful team Scotlands ever known...
  9. It's not about the Glory!! But this is going to be the Bears year!
  10. You planning on selling one of the tickets? And if so is it the Bears game??
  11. Tickets wanted for Bears V Raiders.
  12. Anyone get tickets for the NFL games, tried to get tickets for the Bears games but site kept crashing (for me) but I can't believe how quickly these tickets end up being sold on other sites, seems crazy that nothing can be done to stop touts using the fans as cash cows.
  13. Meet him and Stephen Wright in Jimmy's In Harrogate years ago, he was off his face. Legend!!
  14. Krakow is lovely get yourselves put here....
  15. Hookers. They'd be paying me..
  16. We'll find something else to do!!!!
  17. Cheers. Brexit would be worth it...
  18. Can you watch sky go abroad?
  19. That was last weekend. Were off to see Wisla Krakow v Legia Warsaw but they have changed the game to the sunday for some reason.
  20. Ok. Any bars near the airport. So I can leave at the last minute?
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