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  1. Too think the wee man has battered more goals past him and his shower of shite than anyone else aswell 不不不不不不
  2. Early signs look promising.
  3. They will still fuck them.
  4. Absolutely no chance they get a result against betis. ZERO Another defeat for the mutants and a fairly big one at that.
  5. That's not mulgrew. Similar sounding but that 100% isn't mulgrew.
  6. That's not Parker who played with St Johnstone years ago is it? Right blast from the past.
  7. I must admit he wasn't involved as much as I would have liked that being said when he was involved he kept the move going and very very rarely gave the ball away. He's not at his absolute best but he's still contributing so much to the forward moves.
  8. He's always been brilliant. Some of the stick he has received on here over the years is unbelievable. He's absolutely terrific.
  9. Not a chance he lasts all season. He's already racked up 20 odd appearances in Japan before he even stepped foot in scotland. Would be amazed if he's still battering them in come January/February time.
  10. So glad to see him. He looks very frail but I'm over the moon too see him out and about. Wee lump in the throat
  11. Will fire it on when I sit down to dinner mate. Looking forward to it
  12. David Edgar is not fuckin around. Magic
  13. That's absolutely incredible. 30 fuckin million. Disgrace
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