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  1. Eh? Who gives a fuck if they start to play better 😂 😂 😂 😂 We will wipe the floor with they cunts next season aswell. Concentrate on Rangers mate and the outstanding management team and players we have 👍
  2. Honestly makes no difference to me at all who's in the scums dugout. What I will say is it will take one hell of a transformation to turn the tables next year on this Rangers management and players. A number of painful years ahead for these cunts..... Its only the beginning of the pain 💉
  3. Honestly couldn't give a fuck about a guard of honour from that lot.
  4. That guy Kenny is a crying little bitch 😂
  5. Egging the bus now 😂 😂 😂 😂 This is fucking glorious
  6. Another huge game. Can't get enough of Rangers at the minute. 2-0 Rangers.
  7. I really can't see klopp leaving just now. However if he were to go and the gaffer is offered the job I think he would find it very difficult to turn Down. If and when he goes he will leave a hero regardless.
  8. Can't wait. Would take a score draw right now but a victory would be magic. Either way I fancy us to go through over the 2 legs.
  9. Honestly this country is a fuckin toilet. Can't wait to rub these bitter bastards noses in it. The comments were a complete and utter disgrace and anyone who thinks otherwise is a bitter cunt.
  10. Seriously mate why on earth would you be concerned about celtic bringing in howe? Bring him in..... More than comfortable with that appointment.
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