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  1. Anyone Heading Into Red Lion before Game

    Shithole but u can smoke downstairs
  2. SKY 73% down on spl viewing figures

    They bastards got what they wished for so fuck the lot eh them.
  3. Rangers to fill Tannadice

    Pure class from c.g , sharp as a tack . Gers will sell ur tannadump out !
  4. Jardine Recovery Boosts Gers

    Best news in a long time , guy lives and breathes our famous club . Merry xmas sandy , true legend.
  5. Four men had a dream poll

    Think we should keep it at 54 only reason being its not the top division , imo it would be a red neck to sing 55 and before a get ripped a new erse ,,, cmon tae fuck elgin , annan , east stirling no exactly hard to win a leauge way that mince in it
  6. The bheggars will be fuckin spewin with this news but they are so deluded and twisted that they still wont admit it . Ffs they dont even realise that rather large john was aware (bjk).
  7. Queens at the Dump

    Hamdumps a fuckin riot for parking unless ur in really early.
  8. Parade tomorrow . . . .

    Hi fellow bears / bearettes . Heard someone at work saying theres a walk tomorrow but no one seems to know where it is , would be a nice way to start off our party ! Thanks in advance.
  9. Wearing a Rangers top at work.

    Wore my manchester teeshirt to work when we got to euro final the one way wee nacho on it , the papes were fuckin spewin !
  10. Anybody know who the oldest living Bear is?

    Rupert ?
  11. Sandy Jardine update

    Get well soon sandy pure class as a man , player and ambassador.
  12. Just banter !

    Totall fuckin scum see if that was the other way about it b front fuckin page news aw er the fuckin place , mickey bastards
  13. Sir Walter is back

    The man is a pure living legend , welcome back sir walter . Its where he belongs , guy lives and breathes the bears .
  14. Delighted today!

    Black ?? Fuckin passenger and never fit to be a real gers player ..... Talked aboot barry passback ,, ffs git him to fuck , dont even look interested
  15. Please No More Kevin Kyle

    Who the fuck do u think u r gattuso 08 ? Av got my opinion so get to fuck ya wee CUNT.