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  1. Now THAT was a top - although you got yer years wrong. Only time I've ever bought a top and had a name and number on it. Reyna 12. Fookin' soopurb!
  2. If you look at attendances going way back, beyond the 80s, they used to fluctuate wildly on a week to week basis. The reason the average was higher was because we had a big ground. an 80000 attendance against the filth in almost any previous decade would affect the average a lot more than a 44000 in the early 80s, by 2000. The point about unemployment is difficult to justify when scrutinized. Why did Aberdeen and Dundee United crowds go up in the early 80s? All seems to tie in to success if you ask me. Changed with season tickets, that's for sure
  3. When Souness went to Liverpool, he came back for Walters, a wide man and play maker. I hope history doesn't repeat with Hagi or Kent.
  4. I was brought up on Dalmarnock Road and then up in Craigend. My old man used to take me to the Piggery until one day I said no more. I was about 9 so it was a real act of defiance. Its either in you or it isn't.
  5. I wasn't impressed with many of them to be honest. The wind was brutal - nearly go blown over half a dozen times when shuffling from one frozen foot to the other!
  6. Wasn't the best of performances, lacked a cutting edge all day long. Weather was awful and did make a difference.
  7. We have always been crap at selling players at a peak. And that's supposed to be our game plan. Obviously isn't working.
  8. We stayed in our seats to the very end, as in the players going down the tunnel. Good lot of people in the Main Stand stood and applauded Annan off the park. Bit of class from us, not their fault we were shite. McCulloch's wet blanket of a sliding tackle at the second goal - still makes me depressed to think about it.....
  9. I was in the Thornton Suite that day. That was fun.
  10. Brass-necked cnuts at the DR. They will think they've arrived by getting a riddy in Private Eye.
  11. DJ, Scottish Cup Final 1979. My uncle took me along to the old North Stand. After two 0-0s, think my uncle thought I was the lucky charm!
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