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  1. I probably agree with you completely. For the first time ever ! The only thing I would add is that there does come a time when enough is enough. We may just get lucky as things are looking up on the COVID front, so less chance of a daft bugger chancing his arm, getting caught and Rangers having to make the call.
  2. The production was naff - but whatever rocks your boat. I know, I had loads of the nine in a row years videos, Super Ally, the works. Great for the goals, but that was it! And before you say it, Rangers nine in a row videos.
  3. the production values were terrible. Sign of the times probably. Billy Ocean. brilliant!
  4. How they laughed when Mr McCoist said "we don't do walking away". Now we know why. Faithful through and through? Aye? Utter, utter c*nts to the last man. Lovely.
  5. Put the filth in that end. Double whammy. They'll love it, the holly craicsters that they are!
  6. Now that's a prediction and a half!
  7. Aye, and we were embarrassed a good few times in those 11 seasons. More misses than hits.
  8. I gathered that from the stuff on here. It is shocking people pay good money and have to listen to those wallopers. Sky must be infested.
  9. I don't have Sky Sports. That's me told.
  10. I notice a hoor of a number of players from Leicester and Birmingham women's teams, along with U23s from Leicester City, were at a party. Didn't you notice the hullabaloo?
  11. If my experience of the wasters you come across in life are anything to go by, that's the kind of mince they would come out with!
  12. I am kind of stuck on what should happen to the five of them. Zungu is gone, that's a given. However, one thing that makes me laugh is the whataboutery, especially with reference to the tinks. I always thought as a club we held ourselves to higher standards, so fuck comparing how we should deal with things with that shower.
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