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  1. I am normally quite bullish on things like this. I think we have more class than that and should not be doing it. However, we are talking Brown here. A man who has made a career out of being a dick and playing to an audience who lap up his jolly japes. Frankly, he is someone who deserves it. And what a load of pish about "golden rules".
  2. It's a tough one. I can see your point. But 38 games undefeated in the League, if we do it, is special I don't think you can ignore what Gerrard has been doing on the European front. 9 wins and a couple of draws against decent teams. 1 defeat. And this also helps Scottish football in general by boosting the coefficient - that can't be ignored in the thinking. 3 defeats it would be in 56 matches, potentially 44 wins.
  3. I think the Founders Trail guys do the old school silk scarves. I got a couple a few years ago.


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    2. Inigo


      I think that's the most generous offer I've had on here, squire, but I couldn't possibly. What I have done is buy one from a fella on Ebay! 

      Thanks again, my man. Very much appreciated.

    3. MaddistonKnight


      No problem. Happy you've got one of your own now.

      When the football is back, I'll keep my eyes open for someone else wearing an old school scarf and challenge them to a duel!

    4. Inigo
  4. Just a wee line about my dislike of McCulloch.

    I have never thought him to be much of a player, but that's life. However, my witnessing of his disdain for the boys from the Lewis and Harris RSC was the icing on the cake.

    A load of the L&H guys had come down to Ibrox for their annual hospitality do. As part of the day out, they were to present McCulloch with some player of the year award. Now, it has to be remembered we had just been pumped by Annan on the pitch; this would have been a great opportunity for the captain to show face and calm the troops. Instead, he didn't/wouldn't come up to the Thornton Suite, but a few of the guys could go down to the tunnel area to present him with his award. Disappointing for the rest of the guys from L&H, but there you go. It then transpired that the guys who could meet him were told if they go down there, they've officially left the hospitality and could not get back in. All in, a cluster fuck which made him look awful in my eyes. 2 minutes and I would have a very different opinion of him.

    And he was rank rotten in his Championship season. 

  5. Good bless you and the young man.  Hope that you have a good time for your big day and that he never forgets.  And maybe the first of many, many visits to Ibrox.

    1. MaddistonKnight


      Cheers mate, much appreciated.


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