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  1. Helander isn't a bad shout for MOTM either. Scored and he's made a lot of successful tackles. Also won most of his aerial battles in both boxes.
  2. Utter pish Hagi. Really pissing me off now with his performances.
  3. That was an odd free kick. Would like to see that again. Looked like when you hit one of those float away balls as a wee guy.
  4. We've been far from our best tonight and are still 4-0 up away from home to a Dutch team. Happy days
  5. Hope so mate. He's definitely shown us he has real ability but right now it seems that he can't even do the basics the majority of the time.
  6. WTF has happened to Hagi? He looked really good in pre-season but more often than not fluffs his lines just now.
  7. Gen Kamara taking cunts on in the box noo. What's going on tonight?
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