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  1. Derek McInnes is absolutely full of shite. Covid, deflections and a "soft" penalty. Mate yeez were pumped and got off lightly at 4-0. How soft was the pen claim in the first half?
  2. Brilliant film but I think the da is a celtic fan in the movie IIRC.
  3. He's awesome and is definitely our captain now despite the majority of us (myself included) questioning why he was actually the captain. I'm still not convinced he was the right man to captain us when he got it but undoubtedly he has grown in to the role. Hopefully this vaccine allows fans in before May and we win the league because there is nobody in that team more deserving of lifting up a league trophy than Tavernier. I don't want to make this post too long but alongside Goldson he is utterly Mr Dependable in terms of the sheer number of games he plays as well. Purely going by the
  4. Someone earlier said 18. As good as an extra point at this stage.
  5. Nah mate we're just taking the piss. It's like when O'Sullivan didn't want to pot the final black for the 147 a few years ago.
  6. What kind of football was that? That was awesome. Basically just trolling Aberdeen inside their own 18 yard box.
  7. Must be my stream but I genuinely haven't noticed. Even after people were pointing it out.
  8. Fuck I thought that header was dropping in at the back post from Tav there.
  9. Aye just as I posted mate. Aw well. Defoe goal then as he deserves it after his unselfish performance against Hamilton.
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