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  1. It's March on Monday... and tonight Antwerp scored as many goals at Ibrox as the rest of teams in Scotland put together this season.
  2. WTF is McGregor doing again? Goldson should be screaming at him to come out and take that.
  3. Can someone please explain this new offside rule tonight with the late flags? I thought the current rule was the flag went up as soon as the player touched the ball. What are they waiting to play out?
  4. Or not WTF? If Kent's shot went in it wouldn't have counted so should have been our ball.
  5. Must still be our ball then as the whistle was before Kent hit it?
  6. Agree but as it stands they still need 3 to go through in 90 minutes. We're well placed right now.
  7. Antwerp have scored the same amount of goals at Ibrox this season as all the other Scottish clubs put together.
  8. Goldson will get hounded for that goal but WTF was McGregor doing? Comes out, misses the ball, clatters Goldson and wasn't on his goal line to make a save.
  9. Brilliant goal. Brilliant goal. Morelos returning the favour. Morelos involded in all 3 goals tonight. Now let's really pump this mob.
  10. Totally different outlet having a natural RB on the park. Great play again on the right.
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