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  1. @CR3 mind the night you made this post mate?😂😂😂
  2. 2 games mate. He's back for the scum game 👍
  3. The pitch is shocking mate. At least 8 players have slipped today. Fucking dangerous.
  4. Not sure if Sakala get's nudged just before his header attempt. I'd like to see another replay of it as that one was inconclusive.
  5. Aye as soon as I posted that he missed the header then had a poor touch at the edge of the box letting the ball run across him 😂
  6. I don't even mean this taking the piss. Power actually headbutted Aribo's foot there.
  7. Good move but Tav shuld be directing that to a corner. Bit of a sitter IMO.
  8. Unsurprisingly it was Power mate. When the move came to an end the camera cut to the ref having a word with him.
  9. Agree with this although we have looked pretty solid defensively. The goal was a worldy and while there were individual errors in the middle of the park you couldn't really blame the defence. An early 3rd would be nice. Fuck sitting through the last 10 minutes if there's still only one goal in it.
  10. Looks like we've finally turned up. Only took us 25 minutes.
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