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  1. Going to need an absolute miracle. Although an early second half goal for us and I think motherwells arses might collapse.
  2. Pay at the gate queue length is massive from both ends and the ticket office queue is just as bad. No chance this is starting at 2
  3. So this is a sell out but the last two champions league games weren't. Funny that...
  4. Really hope this happens, trying not to get too excited though incase it doesn't.
  5. No quotes regarding Jelavic. Just speculation.
  6. Yes but if these followers are from America it's not going to make a difference to the UK chart. Do you know if the followers are British? A lot of them will be from America, but I'd say he has a fair chunck of British followers too.
  7. Edu just posted it on his Twitter page along with Beasley. Between them they've got 350,000 followers.
  8. there at 20 http://musicstore.djcodeblue.com/uk-official-top-100-music-chart/ on radio one website they are nowhere and we are at 13.thats just i tunes is it not? I'm sure thats only itunes chart as well. Charts on Radio 1 on Sunday will use all downloads. think so aswell mate.radio combines all of the downloads Yeah they combine iTunes, HMV, Play.com etc on Sunday but that chart only shows iTunes sales. To be fair tho, that's probably the best reflection.
  9. If you hate this idea so much then why are you still in the thread putting a negative spin on everything?
  10. This is a topic about Simply the best... if people want to argue about the Ibrox atmosphere then go do that in that thread.
  11. Just pestered my girlfriend into buying it even tho she doesn't have a clue why
  12. that doesnt have ynwa in the top 40. Think it only gets updated once a day so they might be on it tomorrow.
  13. For those who want to follow the official chart then go onto the Radio 1 website and there should be a bit that says chart update and that let's you see the true chart possitions. Last time I checked it was at 13.
  14. Iv posted on a Chelsea forum asking for them to help out buddy.forgot bout everton.Do Millwall Leeds Cardiff too................. Will do .Your more than welcome to do a couple so i don't have loads of emails from different forums hamburg, rapid vienna since they hate them, worth a shot not much point in that because they wouldn't be counted in the British charts.
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