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  1. Quick question. I'm buying my wee one the kit, pretty much impossible to get the full kit as far as I can tell unless anyone can tell me where I can get them other than our own online store? Fuck SD, won't be going there. Does anyone know are they true to size for a 4-5 infant kit? Or would I be best opting for a larger one.
  2. Before the season started I would have thought Goldson and Helander would have been the preferred pairing but with the way Katic has been playing I can't see how he can be dropped.
  3. Got 4 goals pumped past them at home yesterday
  4. Haven't seen that anywhere but I fucking hope so.
  5. Another outstanding performance from the big man today, needs to be signed on a permanent basis before other clubs start sniffing around him.
  6. This thread was always gonna end up like this ?
  7. You just know some wee obsessed taig spends all his time 'googling' the same thing over and over so it shows up as one of th most searched for questions relating us ? The last question especially, clearly a taig
  8. I really hope this isn't a serious suggestion
  9. The key to this whole thing is that we informed the police and sacked him immediately. We did not initiate a cover up nor did we continue to employ him. We did exactly what those paedo harbourers should have done.
  10. Exactly my thoughts on this. BBC news Scotland are running this as their opening story. As soon as I heard it this morning I did a quick Google search on Torbett and what do you know, the case is about to be heard by the high court!
  11. Disgusting thing to say
  12. Honestly thank fuck that time in our history is over.....Sandaza, Daly, Cribari, Faure to name a few. Pisses me off to think how much money has been wasted down the years.
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