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  1. NGL I'm starting to think this whole thing is just gonna fizzle out and be brushed under the carpet. Most of MSM have completely ignored it, SSB refuse to discuss it. Just gonna left with us making a fuss until eventually it fades away.
  2. I listen to them all tbh, I spend most of my day creating excel docs so I like a pod playing away in the background. There's a new one up this morning that talks about the H&H drama. Making some good points.
  3. From time to time you're gonna get that kinda thing thrown at you. You can't just have a hissy fit every time someone sends you the shifty eyes. If you can't let it be water off a ducks back maybe RM isn't for you.
  4. For a new member of two days you have a fairly good grasp of who's who and the politics of the forum. Being accused of being a tim/journo/banned user is just part of the fun. If you're gonna last on here you need to grow thicker skin. Just an idea but as you pointed out this a Rangers fans forum, why not try talking about Rangers instead of picking fights and calling names.
  5. Why you coming on here helll bent on arguing with everyone? Jeez give yourself a break man, been at it constant. Out of interest what book was your fav and what was so special about page 66?
  6. He's hit the nail right on the head there. The DR underestimated what they were up against and they've bitten off way more than they can chew.
  7. An undercover journo looking for scandal who thought they'd give you a heads up. Not really following your logic here pal.
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