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  1. Tarriers twitter statement is comedy gold😂😂😂
  2. Remember folks there is no editorial bias at the bbc...😂😂😂
  3. Remember that you also have the charity torbett was a director of and mccaferty worked for the Drake Fellowship. There are links involving all of them all over the place.
  4. Well the likes of torbett and cairney still claim innocence and despite being in jail continue to deny their victims justice. The lie about the trophy as you say is murky, to lie despite the undeniable proof says it all and the Kelly's for me are complicit in all of this. They may not have directly abused but their "investigations" and exonerations of those involved caused many young lives to be destroyed. Also noted in his interview is his constant comment on how he is happy that the club are dealing with the matter...the club as always is the most important thing to them...
  5. I then notice he said "if I'd known what was going on I wouldn't have joined" that caught up in his own lies he tripped himself up that easily... remember he was on the board that then cleared the like of torbett
  6. Yeah well there is that as well of course.
  7. It's an utter embarrassment that so few seem willing to push this...
  8. Ah ok hadn't noticed. Apps I don't fancy the idea of can go down and then it's issues getting in the ground and stupidly long queues.
  9. They also have 45k new cards to issue...
  10. Just phoned the ticket office as I lost mine and have been told that every ST holder will be issued with a new smartcard before the beginning of the season due to turnstiles being upgraded. They will not be out in time for the friendlies though so if you're going you'll be issued with a ticket.
  11. Yup totally mate. Designed to accept it from a young age mate
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