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  1. I keep hearing it said that Barisic has had plenty of chances at Rangers when the reality is he's only played something like 16 matches for us. I know there are matches that he is due criticism in and people have roughly wondered why he dropped down the pecking order but he has not at any point had a consistent enough run of games to get going.l, whether that has been through injury(which cost a lot of last season), loss if form/confidence or Gerrard going for a more defensive LB he simply hasn't had that. His chance should come after the international break and I hope he takes it. His set piece ability is something we don't have much of either.
  2. Type of player the current team could do with and something we've lacked for a wee while, someone you just knew from distance could easily pop it in the top corner
  3. Read that there's a documentary starting recording in January about all of this.
  4. The Times going for them again. Noting an article in the celtic view where cairney thanks them for their support over allegations made...
  5. No mate on social media they've outed a guy who apparently wasn't even at the game, daft wee bit at 15 who shouted at broon.
  6. They are a fucking joke mate as well as the usual arseholes in the media who've popped up today to condemn it. Where were they all when the times said over 100 victims at inextricably linked FC?
  7. Let's face it mate the cunt that said it was bang out but I agree with you,I'll take no morality lessons from them. Nacho Novo's constant abuse and death threats, racism toward Tav and Kamara in March, the two wee boys bottled, the abuse of Ricksen and the Lee Rugby stuff, glorifying the ira, defending a club that covered up for paedos.
  8. Oh and another thing. When this inquiry first started there wee almost 300 cases reported, so that probably over one third at one football club.
  9. McGinn I'm sure was at the top of the SFA round about the late 90s right in the middle I've the cover up.
  10. Actually I was fuming when we lost those games you've mentioned. I hate Rangers losing ANY game and over the course of a season it's those type of matches that will decide league titles. Regarding Sunday, as has been posted already, it was the manner of defeat. I'd say a lot of us were buzzing for Sunday, saw the line up and felt a bit deflated and were proven right when the match started. We went from our performances against them at Ibrox last season to the way we played against them in Gerrard's first match against them. Consistency is key for Rangers this season and we now need a good unbeaten run(broken record quote).
  11. Over 100 victims at the tarriers...due to sue in the coming weeks.
  12. And we kept Alfredo in to the bargain.
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