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  1. Sorry I'm fucking my interview before I go. I don't mean to cause anyone any offence that works for the club because I'm genuinely excited by the opportunity.
  2. Worse name.....
  3. Name of the person that interviews me over the phone..... 3 guesses
  4. That's me fucked then..... At least it ain't a match day...I'd stroll out of the park bar pushed singing TBBs gies a Joab!!!
  5. In my telephone interview I putacross how as a fan of dealt with the ticket office so I realise expectations. I do think that's important tbh that and knowing you wouldn't want to let your club down.....
  6. I'm fucking shocked I'm not at least 1/2 on by now!!!
  7. That's me not getting the job lol
  8. Ban that lot.....
  9. I know I've joined about certain parts but I would LOVE to work for my club. You get asked at job interview why you'd like to work for a company and by fuck that's an easy answer when it comes es to Rangers. I've shown loyalty to my previous jobs but for Rangers I know I wonder produce my best....
  10. I have worked for the Department of Works and Pensions and companies like GHA so I've got the admin side locked in imo......I also know how important SR sales and general ticket sales are for Rangers....Plus I'd obv want us to succeed
  11. Damn it FTP and Bob Malcolm were my first answers....
  12. Woods Stevens Butcher Roberts Steven Gazza Wilkins Walters Gordon McMinn Hateley
  13. Cheers mate, sad as it sounds I would love to be wearing our clubs uniform even if it's only a ticket admin guy
  14. They had suggested DoF I've won the UCL 3 years in a row on PES....