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  1. I thought this was how many defeats PC will be allowed before someone calls for his head.
  2. Gives them perfect opportunity to only permit entrance to a limited number of members. To be fair though I suspect outwith online forums member couldnt care less who is on the board.
  3. Members Meeting Club 1872 will hold a meeting for members on Thursday 6th April at 6.30pm in the Ibrox Suite at Ibrox Stadium. The meeting is in response to requests from our members to hold such an event. All four of the current Directors will be in attendance The meeting is for members only and will be limited by the capacity of the room To enable us to plan the event properly and ensure only members ( as at the date of this e- mail ) are admitted please notify us if you wish to attend before 4.30pm on 4th April
  4. Yes, grammar in the email was shockingly poor once again.
  5. Didnt know he was with the sun.
  6. I see what you did there...was pumped up to be the "bears den?" police as well. Thanks good read.
  7. He had more than enough of the ball in McCoists team, he was just pish. Good luck to him though.
  8. You can pay a new player to replace the one you chase.
  9. Or an Irish one in the taigs...
  10. Dont we foot the bill for unsold merchandise
  11. I'd be surprised if it was a positive number.
  12. Not for a third assistant, bib controller no. Think we're seriously over-hyping this role.
  13. Give a chef cheesy pasta to work with, you'll get cheesy pasta to eat.
  14. Me too, broke my heart at corner of main stand and copland rd when leaving flowers and Rangers top.
  15. Had you down as a Mr Pink.
  16. Who else did you think would announce our new SLO
  17. So how do you know hes not qualified and doesnt have experience then?
  18. I thought you knew what PC wanted.
  19. What to put cones out, distribute bibs and get the lads stretching?
  20. I'm a huge BF fan, hate the stick he gets on here yet fucking Weiss is lauded. Anyway back to the point, I think his past record for disruption is enough to count him out of the running this time. Its as simple as that for me. Although I do concede to the poster whose point was that he was an extremely influential player during that period. I think tbh I'd be more worried about it being a character trait than anything else. If things start going downhill for PC, could he count on BF for his support? I think he'd be undermining PC, angling for his job tbh.
  21. As opposed to Bomber who's permanently bemused
  22. System should force him to sign 1st contract with development club.
  23. Wow, all of a sudden PC is an idiot incapable of choosing a 3rd assistant.
  24. Dont know, but I suspect todays hasty statement is as a direct result of a considerable number of subscriptions being put on hold in the last day or so.