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  1. Aberdeen’s most committed performance of the season
  2. That’s the target reached, amazing. Merry Christmas Jordan.
  3. I think we should give the young lad a break. It should be SG we’re criticising no Ojo.
  4. It’s a bad day when when you have a 3 yard start over Naismith and he beats you to it.
  5. Anyone can get a knee injury, he’s been playing regularly hopefully he’ll be back. All the best to him.
  6. Been blessed in this position, mad to think is he 3rd or 4th best?
  7. There’s been mistakes, but thank fuck he was there and willing to step in. Some may not appreciate his input at the moment, history will show that very differently imo. Remember he’s still the majority shareholder, it’s hardly sayonara.
  8. Looking forward to Jones return, we’ve missed him.
  9. Anyone know if this is relevant? King is not up for re-election in AGM resolutions.
  10. Would have conceded late goal last year. Missed Morelos, Defoe didn’t hold the ball up well at all.
  11. Dave King re-election isn’t on the AGM resolutions this year. It was last year. Must be irrelevant otherwise others would have noticed.
  12. Fair enough, he’s the best man to decide 👍
  13. You may be absolutely correct, but players mature at different ages, perhaps the players keeping him out will only be here short-term. You just don’t know. I believe he is highly rated by Gerrard, as is Barjonas and McCrorie.
  14. Of course no ones interested in him, that’s why I’d bite someone’s hand off to take him on loan and pay some of his wages. It’s your opinion Docherty won’t make it with us, and you may turn out to be right, but at this moment that’s not the opinion of the management team (as far as I’m led to believe).
  15. I disagree, loaning out players who the management team think has a future at the club is exactly what we should be doing. Docherty and McCrorie need to be playing games at their age. Now if SG doesn’t think he has a future and we can sell him then fair enough, if we can’t sell him then only paying a percentage of his wages is better than paying all of them. You wouldn’t be saying that if someone offered to pay 50% of that Albanian cunts wages!
  16. OP are you saying we don’t create enough because we have too many passes? Or are you suggesting we don’t score enough of the chances we create? I’m not quite sure what you’re saying, they are fundamentally different. There are certainly times when we fail to move the ball quickly enough.
  17. I’m perfectly calm, I asked a simple question...what position does he plays for Nigeria...point being does that differ from position with us. Is he more suited to that role than the one he’s been given at Ibrox? I’ve never been on his back at anytime. No idea what you’re on about.
  18. Agree completely, was a simple question
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