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  1. Terrible pitch, blowing a gale, ten changes. I wasn’t expecting much and that’s how it turned out.
  2. Always get nervous when making so many changes, especially both centre half’s. They need game time though. Team looks strong on paper. Hopefully performance will be as strong.
  3. He loves Dave King now though, you can’t have it all!
  4. To me that highlights the valid concern with Kent...end product. Ojo is completely opposite, doesn’t see as much of the ball but so far has done more with the possession he’s had.
  5. Big Al II

    Left back

    Yes all very true, but sometimes you pick the best player for the battle at hand. Halliday may not have allowed that cross to come in, but he may have lost the ariel and physical battle against the big man.
  6. No, every player wants to play, something wrong if not.
  7. Big Al II


    Great start, pish couple of games, good to see him back tonight.
  8. Context is difficult, I’m not disagreeing but are they good, only seen them games against us.
  9. Big Al II

    Left back

    Yes, was about to say Halliday would have been better, but to be fair Flannigan had some tremendous challenges on the big lad in the air
  10. Don’t mind Aribo out if brought on if required, if that’s before 75 minutes there’s not much chance of that.
  11. Won’t be straightforward as many think but if we have right attitude we should be ok
  12. Who are their danger men? Are we likely to sign their left back or striker after the games?
  13. Excellent thanks all, still don’t give a fuck about international football, other than increasing his transfer fee of course, but I’d rather enjoy him as a player before looking to that.
  14. Don’t give a fuck about international football, greater chance of being injured or losing him for a month next ACON.
  15. The content is reasonable, the composition is that of a child, at best. It’s not a professional we’re dealing with here is it?
  16. I’m not being negative in the slightest mate, indeed if you can show me another negative post I’ve made then carry on. Don’t make out I’m one of that brigade because I was concerned at points in today’s game. I don’t even participate I match day thread for that very reason.
  17. Fair enough mate, I have no issue with that. The way I saw it, we were destroying them, let them back into it and we didn’t regain control of the game until it went to 11 v 10. I think we were tremendous in much of the game, but that didn’t reflect in the score until we had the man advantage.
  18. Pining I’m making is that only changed after sending off, do you disagree?
  19. After wed hammered them for 35 mins? Performances are dipping at points in games
  20. Is game won at HT? We were tremendous especially JJ, but we were 1 goal up at break and second best in 2nd half till sending off, what game were you all watching?
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