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  1. Mark Allen

    Putting whether or not we need the whole DOF aside...criticising him now is a bit like closing Auchenhowie after 3 months for failing to bring youth through. Only when we start to see the quality of player recruitment can we judge MA.
  2. Kenny

    Surely any manager worth his salt would realise that! Why pick him? I'm not blaming anyone...I'm disappointed with the attitude of fans towards Miller for a poor season...as he turns 38. I wouldn't play him so much, as I've already said...so what's your point? Miller being pish or those continuing to pick him when he's so obviously pish? He can't be pish if he's not on the pitch FFS seriously.
  3. Kenny

    You'd blame Miller for being picked
  4. Kenny

    I was pretty clear what disappointed me, I was also pretty clear he shouldnt be playing so often...a failing of recent managers. We're doing same to him as we did to McCulloch it's sad, and nothing to do with Miller.
  5. Kenny

    He shouldn't be playing so many games...much like McCulloch, it's not his fault...the attitude from so many fans is pretty disappointing. Minus one transgression another player who has spent a decent percentage of his career at the club...including a period he could have played at a much higher level. A 60 min sub he'd have far more impact on games IMO
  6. Is it too early.

  7. Mikel Arteta

    Only idiots are linking us to McCann. Arteta is much the same, you're right.
  8. Not yet. But continue winning into January and you could argue the case. The board will be jizzing all over the place at the prospect.
  9. Derek McInnes

    @cushynumber has this run it's course yet? Justification for keeping it open last Thursday was people would want to have their say. Surely enough is enough.
  10. Hivs dominated that game from start to finish?

    Murty was right we invited them onto us, didn't retain the ball well enough...but that's his job to sort that out I don't really give a fuck.
  11. Title winning form?

    Fucking nutter.
  12. our sitter

    Is it?
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    You can't argue with it...he got the 3 points. In fact it's a stupid thing to say after the final whistle.
  14. Junkies vs Rangers

    Great 3 points...second best for long periods but knew that would be the case.
  15. Craig Mulholland

    Going to need everyone them too.
  16. Kenny

    Lee McCulloch all over again isn't it! Perhaps our older players should spend their last couple of years somewhere else. Seems they bring the worst out in people.
  17. Ross McCrorie

    I would prefer to look on the positive...much the same as I did when Ferguson broke into the team...he was that good he couldn't be left out any longer. I see Ross in a very similar mould, he has produced in the last couple of games some of the best midfield performances we've seen in the last 10 years.
  18. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    Maybe, although I'm pretty sure they think he refused to talk to us, when actually he had really agreed to leave. Id argue the damage will be done for many of they fluffy fucks.
  19. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    Pretty sure we will have fucked it somehow giving him all the excuse he needed.
  20. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    Wonder what the sheep fans think about that...I mean he didn't even need to speak to us.
  21. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    Who's been saying that?
  22. Anywhere to watch Hibs game in Moscow?

    Quite fancy a trip to Moscow.
  23. DOF signing the players from now on?

    Its not simpler but it's less likely to make a howling cunt of it. In any walk of life someone making big decisions should have another person ratifying them.
  24. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Fuck him he's a prick...however he's right the statement was a fucking disgrace unbefitting our great club. They need to take a serious fucking look at themselves.
  25. List of out of work managers

    FFS they're all bloody foreigners.