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  1. It’s refreshing to see a positive post about the club
  2. True, but that was wrong IMO
  3. I’m over the moon some folk have nothing more to worry about than Tom Miller and Clive Tyldesley.
  4. No issue with that, downing tools is pretty disappointing though, obviously you’ve no issue with him being paid 20-30k a week and not bothering to put the effort in!
  5. Sounds like he’s away
  6. If only he gave a fuck about playing for us!
  7. Let’s not get carried away
  8. Have you tried Twitter, Facebook or Linked In?
  9. Was there anything said regarding his omission from the squad? Never heard any mention of injury!
  10. Brilliant, not on ur wavelength...yet Working on it!
  11. Big Al II


    He’s probably better in the middle but that’s no excuse for his poor performances, players like him should look for the space where they can make the difference in a game, that’s anywhere it’s available, it’s not as if we’d be exposed with 2 holding midfielders after all. He was supposed to be a number 10. so the lad needs to take some of the criticism for poor performances as well.
  12. I think we’ve made a mistake, only time will tell though.
  13. Itten’s movement is tremendous, not had chance to see much else. Roofe looks like it will be several months before he is able to contribute. He was well off it, understandably of course.
  14. I also liked Thomson saying I’ve done that a few times in response to Welcome to Scotland
  15. Will depend on how reliant we are now on selling Alfredo, risk of getting injured, etc
  16. When he stops giving away possession in truly awful, dangerous positions he’ll get all the credit he’s due.
  17. Heard nothing of Itten, is that likely to be Morelos replacement or are we expecting someone else?
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