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  1. Will do, in New York be back Friday morning.
  2. @govanblue @Zetland Can donations be made via Paypal again?
  3. Erskine Poppy Badges sold out!

    Excellent thanks very much. Wheres the Erskine Fund Page? Just the nornal fund?
  4. Pena

    You can coach technique...you can't coach instinct. McCoist success was due to stubborness, single mindedness and pure instinct...all the best strikers believe in their ability beyond all others. He was one of the best...lets not forget...winning golden boot even after coefficient correction. The very thing that made him a success as a player made him a failure as a manager.
  5. What we need now

    One swallow doesn't make a summer...thrills me to bits though!
  6. Pedro - recruitment.

    Wallace and John would be awesome.
  7. Pedro - recruitment.

    Dalcio is being given as much time as PC thinks he's deserves...doesnt that say it all?
  8. Pena

    Agreed...and I'm making every excuse i can think of to justify his often mind blowingly atrocious touches. I do trust in Carlos!
  9. Pena

    No...you miss my point I wasn't comparing them. But just pointing out my obserervations as a lad. Sounness was a world class midfielder. Pena seems to have ability to find space like quality players do. But his touches are often atrocious.
  10. Butcher

    Ive come to the conclusion it's bitterness.
  11. Graham Dorrans

    He was better...but he needs to dominate possession alà Ferguson (don't care what haters say). I dont only want to win games I want to control them...far short of that so far.
  12. Pena

    I do honestly believe bounce differences between pitches has a part to play here. I know i sound mental but he's played his entire career on rock hard pitches in Mexico all of a sudden that changes to softer grounds in Scotland. The bounce can make you look like a fool. You can't teach how to make space!!!!. I said to my auld da when i was about 8...why does Sounness have so much time?......because he's world class was the answer!! Let's give Pêna the time he deserves.
  13. El Buffalo

    Its genuinely good to see you positive.
  14. Pedro - recruitment.

    Said it from beginning if he was as good a manager as he was a scout we'd be shit hot.
  15. Butcher

    Bitter bitter man. One of the few who never fell in love with the club and fans. Hated us ever since Sounness told him the score.
  16. Pena

    Lots of poor touches to be fair. Couple of fantastic ones too. One in first half when he setup chance for they fucks i just thought to myself how different the bounce would be on a pitch in Mexico compared to wet soggy pitch in Scotland. Maybe just looking for excuses now.
  17. Butcher

    He has a job at BT because of what he's doing.
  18. Well done. Peńa with smashing finishes. Wee man needs a goals to get going again.
  19. Erskine Poppy Badges sold out!

    I'll take some if anyone comes across them, so long as money goes to Erskine obviously.
  20. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    That must be the photo his mum showed the burds
  21. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Neither hopefully. Moyes must be close to being the richest paid loser of a manager of all time, as for McCoist I hope he gets nowhere near it.
  22. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    You're only as good as your last gig.
  23. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Moyes has failed at every job, McCoist has only failed at one
  24. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    If he picks the players in form he can't really go wrong. The difference in quality of player from 5 years ago is clear. Anyway BD?