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  1. Depends on their application of the 10 second rule.
  2. This will be successfully appealed. Especially since he has evidence of addiction. FA must be seen to be helping in such cases, not ending their careers.
  3. If you had any chance of being a professional footballer you would believe you were good enough no matter what anyone else thinks.
  4. Agree regards to effort, 50m is total pish.
  5. Trouble is very few billionaires have £100m in cash lying around.
  6. Agreed...with the proper service we could trully have seen how pish he is.
  7. Rangers supporting billionaire fans willing to see nothing in return for their investment are in short supply it seems.
  8. After every defeat...really.
  9. Next week is just as important.
  10. Well that challenge fucked the game.
  11. Glad to survive that half, I'm sure it will get better from here.
  12. Need a change in formation front 3 not in it.
  13. Won't need a keeper
  14. RIP
  15. Whats this...what a move...He takes the olive branch and smacks him over the head with it
  16. Havent we done the same thing?
  17. Havent we taken advantage of this rule in the past?
  18. 100% it will be appealed, and of course they're a better team with him playing.
  19. You'll care if you get a chap as a result.
  20. Completely agree...but reserve the right to change my mind after the next draw.
  21. I think if you avoid matching different primary colours you should be fine. Generally shades inbetween work great together.
  22. Be here 24 months or so, lets hope he does the business in that time.
  23. Handy info for end of May.