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  1. Next week they’ll say they broke it first
  2. Davis certainly isn’t a passenger. Yes Arfield or Wright will be more dynamic and help our game, but he’s all over the park ffs
  3. There’s an example of the difference in Morelos
  4. We should try an in swinging corner one time. Performance ok, not as dynamic as Livi, but more controlled in possession. Just hasn’t happened in final third. No spark from Aribo or Hagi…yet
  5. Don’t disagree with that, Hagi good when we have teams sitting in, clearly Hibs won’t do that. A wee bit of pace to hit them on the break would have made sense. I have no issues with Davis playing.
  6. Yes I think I’d agree, we can likely make some money out of Goldson, so possibly him, but only to move him on.
  7. I was taking the piss. Only thing Goldson did wrong (with his interview) was not calling out who he was talking about.
  8. Maybe it would have been worse but for his substitutions
  9. You must hate every goalkeeper too then
  10. Agree with second paragraph. Just think his control is pretty poor. But looking forward to him getting a run, he deserves it.
  11. I like Sakala and imo he deserves a run out at CF for a few games, but he certainly doesn’t have a good touch.
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