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  1. Recently saw he had hernia surgery. Shouldn't be out much longer.
  2. Have to agree with Redwhiteblue This was more like a 2-3-5 formation while St.J was playing a 6-2-2.
  3. I would make a bit of a change as it seems some of the young guys are learning their reponsibilities in a 4-3-3. Would go with..... Wes Tab Kieran Wilson Wallace Halliday Ball ( defensive mid) Holt Sheils Waghorn McKay Subs would be : zelalem~>McKay Oduwa ~~> Sheils and possibly Miller ~~> Waghorn (late) Also fullbacks need to look to cross from corner instead of cutting towards goal so much. Playing more like mids instead of defenders and is one reason the team isn't creating space. Oduwa needs help from team to create space for him. Once the opposing defense is in place not much he can do triple teamed. Other players need to make runs to give him room and he needs to drive into the box. More times than not he will get a shot off or get fouled.
  4. As I don't gamble and follow the sport for the love of the game , I don't think gambling helps the game. But as we all know, the gambling organizations seem to be some of the biggest sponsors of sport. How can football take money from these companies and then punish the players? Is this one of those "Do as I say , not as I do) sort of things. I'm still not over the fact that Hank Aaron was left out of Major League Baseball activities due to the fact he was a spokesperson for a Casino. If any of these sports were really bothered by the gambling, they wouldn't take their money, then cap players salaries at 50k a year and charge a fiver a seat to see a game. Just My Opinion....
  5. Yes, Thanks for reminding me . Was just making a point that this lineup has it in them to beat Alloa 7-0. Any lineup upgrades should be able to do the job. It's just getting them to show their ability.
  6. Except for the keeper, that's the lineup that stomped Alloa last year 7-0
  7. I would give this team a run out on Tuesday........... Gallacher; Argyriou , Perry, Cribari, Hegarty; Little, Black, Macleod, Aird ; Shiels, McCulloch
  8. My issue is when a team eases up with a lead ,the trailing team gets frustrated and that's when injuries occur more often. If you keep pressing and create opportunities it keeps them honest usually.
  9. First off, I do want Ally to succeed . But my problem is that a good manager can get the most out of the players you have. You don't sign better players to make you a better manager. These lads that are holdovers from last season should be capable of taking care of all 3rd tier teams without problem. Maybe my memory is failing but didn't Rangers beat Alloa last year in a cup tie by a 7-0 score? those new signings weren't needed then and shouldn't be needed now. It seemed the play last season really dropped after mid-January and many had new deals signed. Maybe I'm wrong.
  10. And I used to consider you a pretty decent guy.
  11. My apologies if I offended. Though the tone of text was your interpretation and inference of tone is sometimes an awful issue. Had I been out to just slag you I wouldn't have spelled it "arse". Also , over here we spell it humor and I don't really use "slag" except on here. So cheers!
  12. Just moved back to Texas last month. Tired of those 6 month long winters. But I don't need to tell you about those.
  13. Now you're being an arse. First , you want to rip there tendons up and now you want to poison them with sulphates ?
  14. Granted I'm only a youth coach, but synthetic turf is still not good enough for Rangers level players. Still too many injuries on Turf. I've been coaching in New Jersey for last 10 years and although there have been great improvement with Turf, I wouldn't want hi-priced players(assets) playing on it day in and day out. Just my opinion.....
  15. Don't see why everyone is hating on hearts. They have given us Wallace, Templeton, and Black. Ok Ok .2 out of 3s not too bad. I understand now.