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  1. Yes. I think at the moment Miller is best utilised as a sub coming on for the last half hour. He's just not been his best so far this season but he was excellent for us only 3 or 4 months ago so can still do a job. I thought we needed another striker before Waghorn was injured but it's a major priority now.
  2. I'd take this one with a massive pinch of salt. It screams of trying to disrupt the squad again. Someone has maybe got a hold of an idea that they haven't signed renewed contracts but talks are probably just under way much like Warburton. I like others would much rather wait until the end of the year at the earliest before offering any of last years squad renewed deals. I think (and hope) that both players will rubbish this as I'm sure they are eternally grateful to Rangers for the opportunity and that little bit of stability they never had before last season.
  3. I thought that fans were fine, don't know if it seems a bit lacking because we only get that South Stand. 'Blue Sea Of Ibrox' sounded tremendous.
  4. Cricket score please. Think this might finally be the day we give a team a proper drubbing, pitch is looking magnificent.
  5. Yeah well I conveniently forgot about the cost aspect haha!
  6. Now that March is over and done with in terms of football, we've got a really exciting month ahead. We could potentially be celebrating the title and our return to the top flight in 6 days time and hopefully for definite by a week tomorrow. We then head to Hampden for a double header - hoping to finally get that Challenge Cup trophy and beat them the week after to get into the Scottish Cup Final. After the Old Firm we can head to Easter Road for a party and then the trophy presentation 3 days later! April looks set to be a cracker for all bears and all of the above is definitely achievable - this is the month where the players will get the rewards MW has been talking about for all their hard work and most importantly, should be a month of celebration for all of the Bears who have had to endure a tough 4 or 5 years - enjoy it!
  7. I genuinely don't even know why he would come out with something like this. I didn't even think Hartson was that daft. "It can't happen. It won't happen" - it's almost as if he's trying to shoot himself in the foot by making some grand statement he knows he'll probably regret in 5 weeks time, bizzarre.... Anyway, I'm happy for them to do all the talking and us to keep quiet and get this Championship won. Business as usual then.
  8. ... that Warburton knows what he's talking about in extending Miller's contract half way through the season. A lot of people understandably would have happily offloaded him during the close season and there will still a few bemused faces when he got that contract extension but over the past few weeks this guy has been phenomenal. Goals aside, his work rate is outstanding for a player of his age. Mark showed confidence in his ability and Kenny is paying it back ten fold now he's comfortable knowing where he will be playing his football next season. Although he more than likely won't play as much next season, he will be a great asset helping to coach and mentor some of the younger boys.
  9. No. Even if he wasn't a traitor, the very fact he isn't good enough to play for Sheffield Wednesday or even Portsmouth should tell you all you need to know.
  10. Young Rangers fans with serious illnesses receive Dream Day YOUNG football fans that have battled with life-threatening illnesses received VIP treatment and met with Rangers' biggest players as part of a charity Dream Day. Steven McHugh, from Falkirk, and seven-year-old Caitlin Allison were among the group of 20 young people and their guests who gathered at Murray Park at 10am yesterday to take part in the Rangers Charity Foundation's Dream Day. The once-in-a-lifetime experience saw the fans meet with the players and managers before watching the team get put through their paces during training. The avid Rangers supporters, who aged from five to 19, were then whisked away to the famous Ibrox Stadium where they had a special lunch in the Members Club and toured the grounds and trophy room. Caitlin, whose battle with her duplex kidney began at birth, was overjoyed at the opportunity to meet her beloved idols. Despite being admitted to hospital for an operation to remove her part of her right kidney the youngster, from Moodiesburn, was desperate to be in the stands cheering on her favourite team. Her dad, Gareth, said there is no bigger Rangers fan than his season ticket holder daughter. He said: "When we got to the ward she was staying in, she was so excited because she could see Ibrox. "As soon as she could sit up she just stared out the window hoping Broxy Bear might wave up to her. "That is when I decided we had to call the charity and see if there is anything we could do for her." Luckily for Caitlin, she was invited along to her Dream Day experience with her dream team. Gareth said: "She adores the team and is adored by the fans. "We sit near the front in the stadium, in the family section and she knows every single person on the way down - and she stops to talk to them all. "At Easter, we missed a few games because of her operation but she ended up with about 11 eggs just from the other fans. "Even if the team have a bad day and I say they are rubbish, she is the first to give me into trouble - you cannot say a bad word against them. "She has woken me up in the mornings before school, jumping around, giving me a countdown until we go. "She was beyond excited for it." Steven, who is recovering from an operation to remove a brain tumour, had played for an under 17s team on the grounds before his diagnosis and was thrilled to return to the homeland of his favourite team. The 19-year-old said: "I was very excited to go and meet the players although I was a little bit nervous. "I took along a Rangers top for everyone to sign and got lots of photographs so my friends will probably be a bit jealous." The teenager's dad, Neil, said the whole family was glad Steven had the opportunity to have a good day out. He said: "We were just really looking forward to him being able to enjoy himself. "To be honest, six months ago we did not think we would have him here - we are just enjoying every minute. "I think a lot of the time people do not understand what football clubs do outside of the games. "My son is an avid Rangers fan so for him to have this opportunity it fantastic. "It will be a day of smiles for everyone." And it is unlikely the father-son duo will have been the only members of the group who left with a smile on their face after the four hour long event. The Rangers Charity Foundation administrator, Linda Shields, said: "It has been very successful in the past and it is a nice day for us as well. "The feedback we get from everyone is absolutely amazing. "I think the players enjoy it as well. "When they first come in the kids are always a bit shy and we have to encourage them to go up but they will take every photograph and sign every autograph you want them to. "Even when they start training they are constantly waving over. "They enjoy taking that bit of time out to help those who are struggling and meet their fans. "We get a mixture of people that come along to the events - sometimes they have terminal illnesses, sometimes there is a mix of older and younger people - but when the players come in, the younger kids jump about and everyone's faces light up"
  11. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/mobile/news/young-rangers-fans-with-serious-illnesses-receive-dream-day-205175n.124710615 Another great day organised by Rangers Charity Foundation. The guys who organise this have to be applauded as it must make such a difference to some of these kids lives. I remember being in Yorkhill when I was younger and being able to see Ibrox from the window was the only thing that kept me going haha!
  12. He's played every game because he's the captain - that's the bottom line. I agree he shouldn't have played every game but that's the way its went. If he or his agent wanted it written in his contract it's usually for other reasons ie. to be in the shop window for a move to a bigger club but I'm sure Jig himself knew he'd never get any bigger than Rangers so why would he push for that?
  13. The flag stealing thing is apparently the 'in' thing for a lot of younger ultras groups this season. To be fair, I have no idea why nor have I heard any of our fans being involved but I did read about this somewhere. Funnily enough I'm sure I saw a photo last season of a group of Raith Rovers fans who had stole Falkirk's flag on an away trip!
  14. Might well be true but I'm sorry Law, you just don't have what it takes to be a Rangers player. You've struggled far more than you've succeeded over the past 2 years and you've bottles it on many an occasion when a ball has been passed to you so that's nothing to do with the long ball tactics. Also, 1 month after Stuart's came in, your team lost 3-0 to QOTS (3-0!) and then drew 1-1 with Livingston a week later, both of which were games you were in the heart of the midfield for under this new supposed passing game. I'm sorry but no true Rangers team of the past would be putting these results in when trying to get promoted to the top league. Championship or Premiership next season, I personally can't wait till this disaster of a season is over so we can hopefully get rid of some of these absolute imposters (although probably not Law as he's not out of contract).
  15. I thought so too, loved the interview between Ally & Sandy just 3/4 weeks before he passed too. So sad to watch at times but makes you realise just how great a man Sandy was.
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