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  1. I hate Aberdeen, but I'd rather they finished third over that jakey Clarke's team. Also... 2016/17: We were 39 points behind them 2017/18: We were 12 points behind them 2018/19: I hope we're at least 6 points behind them 2019/20: ? 🤔
  2. Hamburg haven’t won in the league, since they beat St Pauli over two months ago.
  3. Sweet free-kick. City strolling it now.
  4. Cracking goal Mahrez. Title is City’s.
  5. I've always asked for a roll 'n links...or a roll n' lorne.
  6. I mind I stoated in the hoose with a bottle of Kiwi MD and the old boy snatched it out of my hand and gave me a whisky instead. 🥃
  7. I'd rather have a whisky or two down me, before drinking that poof juice.
  8. Get a good cooked breakfast and a strong coffee or two down you.
  9. My old boy is generally a placid, nice-natured, old man...but after 10 mins of an Old Firm game, he has to step outside to walk the dog, as he's cursing like a trooper. I've honestly heard words come out of that man's mouth that I've never heard before.
  10. That's shite, leaving Bears outside to fend for themselves. Staff should be ashamed.
  11. A wee bit of pre-match battle fever to get you all in the mood...
  12. Berwick Rangers staring into the abyss.
  13. Gie that a bye. I’d happily accept Spurs winning the CL, if it meant Hearts won the Cup and fucked up their treble treble.
  14. Sorry gents, I didn’t subscribe to the Ajax wankfest on here. Their arse collapsed, just like Barca’s did last night.
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