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  1. Suppose it's kind of good in a way, it depletes the 'massive cash reserves' that they probably don't have quite nicely.
  2. Would say it's about being in genuine financial distress where there is no money in the business to pay ordinary workers in spite of the players taking a hit if it has to be done. There's probably only a few clubs in the SPFL that would apply to. Two of them aren't Rangers and the other mob though. The criterion we have surpassed is we are decent people who aren't out to take the piss.
  3. The only explanation I can see is that it has never run over more than 3m and some fucking tiredness algorithm got it, but a tired horse wouldn't have been making ground like that with half a mile to go and falling at a plain fence, which at 4'7" is the smallest in the race. Hadn't fallen, been brought down, pulled up or refused in 7 years of jumps racing. And Charlie Deutsch has been guiding it over fences for years, 3 wins and 4 places from 15 runs over 4 years. But their simulator had it fall. Pish. Probably overthinking it though, it was just supposed to be a bit of fun after all.
  4. How did their computer have Aso falling? Horse hasn't fallen in its entire career. No letters in its career form at all.
  5. Can't take my eyes off that MAGIC OF LIGHT for this virtual National. You're trying to outthink a hundred odd algorithms which is completely impossible though. Surely Tiger Roll's performance in that Cross Country chase at Cheltenham will fuck up his chances. At least it's something that's a bit of fun to bet on.
  6. They should have organised a few virtual Jumper Bumper meetings on the AW so the horses could have got a couple of runs into them before Saturday.
  7. Honestly take no pleasure in seeing ordinary working people working for fuck all a month getting humped. I don't care if it's celtic they're working for. But this shit about the UK government paying wages and all that is fucking bonkers. I thought they were supposed to have huge cash reserves, and if they don't that cunt desmond certainly has more than enough.
  8. That's the dogs and the Irish racing off now as well. 😩
  9. Best one was Durrant and Jury on Hope Street at daft o'clock in the morning. Both steaming, stood and talked away to us for quite a while.
  10. Used to see Billy Dodds in the Willie Hills in Milngavie quite often. Wasn't there when he gave a few guys I know a nod about PLG being appointed. According to legend they all got on at something daft like 66s.
  11. Apologies for that, fuck knows what I was going on about. Sitting fucking steaming.
  12. Aye, Naas meeting which is the start of their flat turf season moved to Monday. Seems they only want one meeting a day on.
  13. Absolutely ridiculous post. You should be ashamed of yourself for that as should everyone who liked it. The lives of the old are worth as much as the lives of the young. The lives of the poor are worth the same as those of the rich. The economy comes first? Have you fucking lost all sense mate? Fuck sake.
  14. The thing that sticks in my craw a bit is their blanket 50% wage cut or redundancy. Cut the players' wages by 75% and save their normal people the hardship. Why the fuck should someone on £25k a year have to absorb the same pain as someone like Naismith who's likely on something like £25k a month. Still, fuck them.
  15. They're deciding in Ireland tomorrow, as it stands there's Dundalk on Friday, Thurles on Saturday and Downpatrick and Naas on Sunday. Saw a few high profile people like Gordon Elliott calling for it to stay on. See if they cancel the dogs as well I'm jumping off a bridge.
  16. I don't get these manky cunts. Millionaires and they're diseased. Sitting here with two bob and a balloon in my pocket and I'm fine.
  17. Oh, I'm needing to leave Rangers and go back to Spain because I'm homesick. Back with an Everton shirt on less than a year later. Mikel Arteta can fuck off.
  18. It's just DailyMail shite mate. "...and Premier League fixtures will not be shown live in the Saturday 3pm slot." They never have been allowed to be showed anyway.
  19. That's complete nonsense. Licensed premises pay about £15k a year to Sky for games, and £5k and upwards to BT. Absolutely no chance they're going to cut them off.
  20. You sound a bit like you're resigned to getting the virus and are thinking about how you'll deal with it. I'm determined not to get it in the first place.
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