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  1. Martin Bain was telling people it was curtains for us a year or so before then. My mate's son went to the same school as his son at the time and Bain's boy was running about telling everyone his dad said Rangers were finished.
  2. They're not even a real country anyway.
  3. Yeah, tax law is a professional subject in Scotland, you can't qualify without it. He has definitely studied it and passed it however long ago that was.
  4. If Joe Thomson wasn't dead I'd be on the phone to the old bugger just now about it.
  5. I think the club does. Essentially, the assets, history and goodwill of the club were obtained by the new corporate entity. If that goodwill was wrongly and disgracefully affected by the behaviour of HMRC there is a claim there. Perhaps a huge one.
  6. You would have thought any competent lawyer or accountant would have been able to spot it. Even more confused now about what the fuck Duff & Phelps were up to at the time.
  7. Going into the draw for this Porto were ranked 3rd top team in the competition, we were ranked third bottom. Get it up them.
  8. This is the sort of thing I go in all guns blazing about, onto their live chat like Billy Big Dinner wanting to tear the bastards a new one. Then they give me a completely reasonable explanation about why it happened.
  9. Gone for a Frankie treble at Ascot, first three races. ADVERTISE will probably let me down but fuck it.
  10. Gone for ST IVES 6.00 Kempton at 5/1 and ALRAJAA 7.30 Kempton at 7/4 tomorrow.
  11. Been a while since I've managed to get on a Goldie one. Danny Tudhope is 6 from 15 when riding for him. Worth looking out for.
  12. Legends won't be enough, they'll have to create a new Hall Of Fame for this squad when they do it. Like the usual Hall Of Fame, but a wee bit above it.
  13. Wouldn't even bother engaging with or correcting any of them, let them carry on making arses of themselves.
  14. Can't see him leaving in January. Who knows, he might stay for a crack at the Champions League next season as well. After all, he's under contract until 2023.
  15. Ach, Dudelange's a stupid name for a horse anyway mate.
  16. Like for the Coleridge analogy. Ya mad bastard.
  17. To be honest I think it needs talking about. Nobody can say Tav had a good game, nobody can say he's had a good season so far. If something isn't done, a 'rest' or whatever the message that sends to the squad is that poor performances will be tolerated by the manager, just because he's the club captain. Wheels come off the whole thing.
  18. For me it would depend how much money I had in the bank. Most of them what fucked off had plenty, most of it paid to them by Rangers. Only guys like Fleck probably didn't have anything near as much as the others did at the time. They weren't established in their careers yet so can grudgingly make an exception for them. But hey ho. Onwards and upwards.
  19. Look Jon, you know I like you but I just posted it as a joke. Really wasn't expecting the third degree here.
  20. Remember seeing him boss out Broxi Bear with a fantastic tackle a while ago, in the centre circle and everything.
  21. The cunts on Twitter do my box in. They'll post a nice message then say, "... and I'm saying this as a celtic fan." Fuck off. Nobody cares.
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