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  1. It's a plausible explanation but it's not valid. These players are being paid very well to kick a ball about. The fans didn't give up after the cup final so why the fuck they would think they have a right to is honestly beyond me.
  2. Think Fozzy Stack's CHANELL ECLIPSE is worth a look at in the 5.30 at Dundalk. 5/1 yer cash.
  3. You're right but a gaffer still has to have a nasty side, or even a straight down the line honest side. Missing absolutely no cunt who doesn't perform. The days of hairdryer treatment and all that shite are gone but there has to be a culture where you want to be on the right side of the manager and you're upset and annoyed when you're not. So much so that you'll burst your arse to get back in his favour. Questioning whether SG has a culture like that going on mate.
  4. I think it has something to do with the media. Our best player has largely sorted out his discipline, opposing teams can't get any change from winding him up on the park anymore. The campaign against him has had to take a different direction.
  5. This is honestly the first time I've started to really doubt him. But hey ho. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
  6. I think we could do without it for a year tbh.
  7. If he's here next season and gets money in the summer... Honestly, fuck the League Cup and fuck Europe. Who gives a shit if nobody gets a good bevvy and a couple of nights away from their missus for a year. The league is all that matters.
  8. You've got that cunt Sutton on the TV saying it was a clear handball and should have led to the goal being disallowed then SG on 5 minutes later saying it wasn't one. Still can't work that one out.
  9. I think a huge problem is that managers with a game against us coming up can talk to their team and say, look... if you work like fuck for 90 minutes it's highly possible you'll get something to show for it. Talks about most of our games since the break and shows them that hard work and discipline and a bit of luck could pay off. Meanwhile we have rumours that teams like Hearts are thinking about resting players against celtic because they don't think it's worth the effort to try to get something off them. Said before on this thread, Gerrard doesn't have experience to fix something like this but he must have plenty cunts on his phone who do and whose advice he could ask for.
  10. Think it was just SAF trying at keeping them on a leash. He'd deny access all the time if the press didn't go with him.
  11. Get your junkie shite out of this thread. You sound like Irishers during Cheltenham week.
  12. Stuck £20 on the 49ers at 21/20 at the start, been sitting watching the live betting looking for a bit more value on something. Anything. There's nothing!
  13. Walter knew how to do it in this league, I wish he'd sit with him over a nice lunch sometime and ask him how it's done.
  14. The only real problem I have with Stevie is that he's let the same thing happen this season as last. How many top managers does he have on his phone who he could have asked for advice, gone for lunch with... Walter, Klopp, for a start. There's probably quite a lot of them and a few surprises in there too.
  15. There's been enough progress to warrant sticking with the guy, he's done some great things. He needs to sort out what's gone wrong since the break though, he should have learned from last season but unfortunately it seems like he hasn't. There's a great manager in there. I know there is.
  16. Just about shat myself when that happened, thought the referee was going for a card.
  17. Am I un H.A.P.P.Y? Does a new born baby cry? Did Elvis really die? Did Little Red Riding wear a hood? Did the three bears shit in the woods? Was Humpty Dumpty fat? Does the pope wear a funny hat? Is wrestling fixed? ©James Robert Morisson
  18. Haha, couldn't decide who it was. He doesn't sound like himself.
  19. I reckon Ian Ferguson has said "now" six or seven hundred times tonight.
  20. Struggling to find some value in the betting for this, Defoe hat-trick at 4/1 is about the best I can see.
  21. It's honestly like the guy is still sitting drunk and raging on the night after the last OF. Fuck him and fuck The Sun, he's not just published that on his own tonight, it's been read and approved by a couple of editors and a few others as well.
  22. That's fucking atrocious from Leckie. Last season it was annoying how Alfie picked up so many suspensions and left us without him so often but I think he's a different man and a different player this season. It's looked from early in the season like SG and probably Defoe have managed to help him out a lot. Leckie is clearly furious about this.
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