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    What (who) are we missing?

    Think it's a bit too soon to panic. That team knew they were shite and tried to park the bus but we still dominated possession and did alright getting two goals. Guys like Mourinho can make the best teams in the world look average by doing that.
  2. theblueoysterbar

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    7 favourites won at Windsor tonight, had three of them on a treble at 2/1, 7/4 and 4/1. Cashed out before the last for £45 and did myself out of another £160. Fucking hate that cash out option, it's lost me a fortune since they brought it in.
  3. theblueoysterbar

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    Had to chuck that after I died in 1964 though.
  4. theblueoysterbar

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    If you're wanting a job I'm doing a kind of reality TV thing in the US just now. Winner gets their own head chef position at one of my restaurants in Vegas.
  5. theblueoysterbar

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    Been a fan all my life. Actually signed for the club but a knee injury ruled me out of first team football. Fucking heartbreaking. Now I just run a load of restaurants and don't talk about my time at Rangers at all.
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    VAR in the SPL?

    VAR in the SPL has the potential to be a funny sketch or two on OAE on Hogmanay. In spite of having about five months to write and record some funny sketches Jonathan Watson will miss this completely and have two sketches about SAF nearly dying and McAvennie and Denis Law coming up to see him in hospital instead.
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    Am a wee bit lost now to be honest.
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    All I will say is Wealth Off The Radar. Look, fuck this. It's still too soon. I want out.
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    Have heard good things about an English company called Ticketus.
  10. theblueoysterbar

    Inverness area RSC

    Your tits are a bit too big for my liking mate.
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    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Hadn't seen the full version of this before... the legendary Barney Curley giving Luke Harvey and John McCririck both barrels.
  12. theblueoysterbar

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    I honestly thought you'd packed it in here Lucy.
  13. theblueoysterbar

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Good signing. He must know himself that this is likely his one second chance.
  14. "Gemmill. Good play by Gemmill and again! 3-1!"
  15. theblueoysterbar

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Got a risk free bet in the 2.30 off 365 from Uncle John's Monarchs Glen in the last yesterday, have gone for APO's Gossamer Wings.
  16. theblueoysterbar

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Hoping interest in Gerrard's first few games in charge will mean I don't have to pay Premier Sports twenty quid.
  17. theblueoysterbar

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    "We all have to carry the burden of working for Rangers." Terrible choice of words but other than that no complaints.
  18. theblueoysterbar

    2030 World Cup UK bid

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/14/fa-talks-home-nations-uk-wide-bid-host-2030-world-cup Sounds alright to me, but am a bit annoyed at what that Regan said: "It would definitely be viewed as a low-risk bid. Not many countries have the quality of large stadiums that England has while Wales have hosted the Champions League finalrecently and Scotland is a Euro 2020 host and has a reputation for successfully staging major sports events. Northern Ireland may not meet the stadium requirements but could possibly be used for training venues.” We've got Hampden, England has Wembley and Wales has The Millennium Stadium, we've got 12 years here... why shouldn't we all look at upgrading Windsor Park significantly instead of using Norn Irn as a training facility? What a patronising bastard.
  19. theblueoysterbar

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    Let's wait and see who he signs for next first.
  20. theblueoysterbar

    World Cup bets

    Usually do a half time/full time reversal for both teams in the Group stage unless there's one team that's longer than about 4/1 odds-on or an opponent that's 10s or so against. Looked into 2014 in Brazil and it happened 6 times in the Group Stage, all in the first round of games. So 6 games out of 16. 5 times out of 6 it was the favourite that came from behind and won in the second half. Have picked 14 games along those lines in the first round of the Group stage and covered this happening with doubles. If there are two HT/FT reversals I win at least 4 times my total stake. If it happens more than twice that's gravy. Sorry if this just sounds like mad nonsense
  21. theblueoysterbar

    Hummel Training Centre?

    This is why I call my fantasy football team The Tiny Archers.
  22. theblueoysterbar

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    It finished last mate. Its jumping was a bit of a worry but Johnson didn't seem too bothered. You don't expect a horse to fall away like that at all. Suppose going up two classes was maybe a bit too much for it but I'd honestly have expected Johnson and Daly to have had a fucking chat about whether or not the horse could handle it. Anyway, sorry about that one.
  23. theblueoysterbar

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

  24. theblueoysterbar

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Like the look of Innocent Touch at 9/2 in the 7.05 at Stratford. Johnson riding for his father-in-law again after a win LTO.
  25. theblueoysterbar

    Over 30 or Under 20 .. good or bad?

    Over the last while there's just been a lack of a sensible signing policy. I don't agree with Chelsea's policy of only offering players over 30 a year's extension and not signing anyone over 30 but at least it's a policy. If we said we'll sign players over 30 but on a year's rolling contract at least that would be a policy too. The thing that stands out most for me is that we probably wouldn't have got to the Europa final in 2008 and then won three titles without Davie Weir. For all he's fucked his credibility now, coming in at the age he was was amazing for the squad. He helped Cuellar, Bougheera and Wilson look much better than they really were. You need a healthy mix in the squad. Something like 20% under 20, 50-60% 20-30 and 20-30% over 30? Sounds alright to me. At least it's a plan.