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  1. Terrible first half and lucky it's 0-0 at HT. Leverkusen are much better than us.
  2. We have been missing that type of player for years and get bullied too easily.
  3. I still think we need a hard tackling physical midfielder
  4. Just need the last piece of the jigsaw...Josh Windass !!
  5. That's the benefit of being a finely tuned athlete mate !
  6. Top of the league during a pandemic so we should be handed the title now....
  7. Fuckin terrible second half but I'll take a 1-0 win. Balogun played well. We need more quality in the team and improve. Anyway well done Gers
  8. No sitting back and no fannying about. I expect them to be better in second half. Get fuckin into them and get a second
  9. This will be a tough game. It's vital we win and get the 3 points today. Separate Entity FC have an easy game tomorrow
  10. We need to come out the traps and get into them from the start. Because that mob will be up for it
  11. Don't believe you mate....there's no sexy milfs in Motherwell !!
  12. He's a Rangers player and getting paid. We need the 3 points and there's nobody else. He has to play.
  13. Not confident at all especially if Morelos is a goner. Too weak and easily bullied off the ball. We need a physical presence
  14. Tomket Tire....no pressure !!
  15. I understand that Lawwell made his decision months ago......
  16. Cheers mate. Never heard of him
  17. You beat me to it mate !!
  18. Separate Entity FC get handed the title...
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