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  1. Did the stadium tour about 12 years ago. Great stadium but a bit dilapidated even back then.
  2. The email I got says they will send a paper copy for Prishtina game
  3. Ticket just delivered for the Oxford friendly. Fuckin postman will be kept busy for the next few weeks !
  4. Let's be honest it's not a great start. But we need to win our first 6-8 games or so and put pressure on they dirty Separate Entity bastards
  5. Would you agree that perhaps Kelly McGinn and Brady should be questioned by the Police ? Others obviously can't be.
  6. Not an operational decision but Individuals like Kelly McGinn Stein McNel Macari Brady etc would have known but chose to say nothing and cover up ?
  7. A genuine question, do you believe that club covered up paedophilia?
  8. Like many Bears I used to be quite passionate about Scotland but I have had no interest in them for the last 10 years or so.
  9. Can't believe I've put a fuckin bet on...France to win it !
  10. I don't bother with Junior football...but do Auchinleck ever lose !!!
  11. I've bet Mane first goal for an interest....but fuck Liverpool and Spurs !!
  12. Great effort and great cause Darth. Oh that is mud at the back of your shorts ....Donation sent.
  13. Ha ha Had to be the worst taken penalties ever by that mob
  14. Ha ha ha get it fuckin up them
  15. Beaton is having a fuckin nightmare. Terrible refereeing
  16. Another 30mins. Fuckin awful game
  17. I thought it was The Special One !!!
  18. Spot on mate. No more fuckin slip ups against Killie, St Johnstone Livingston Hibs etc
  19. We need about 4 quality players in and keep our best players. We need to get off to a flyer and win our first 8 League games or so. A run in Europa Lge is just a bonus.
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