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  1. I'm not one for boasting but.......!
  2. 4 horse race...Cloth Cap, Burrows Saint, Minnella Times and Kimberlite Candy...you heard it here first !!!
  3. Fantastic goalkeeper. Player of the year
  4. If you're needing any advice again this year just ask me mate !!!
  5. My card changed recently so I've to renew/pay for MyGers membership from 31 March...I think !!
  6. I expect Separate Entity to be up for it and try like fuck to be the first team to beat us this season. Hopefuly our players are up for it too especially after Thursday night and of course the league being over. Come on the Champions
  7. Poor performance. No excuses we were well beaten. 2 reds and we can't complain. I Don't like they bastards and hope they get pumped next. We had a good run in Europe
  8. Fuckin poor performance so far. Arfield has been fuckin rotten. By fuck we need to up our performance in the second half. Fuckin give it go. Come on Rangers
  9. Our defending needs to be spot on tonight. Anyway Come on the Champions !
  10. Ridiculous mate....that you never posted what it meant !! I had to google it too
  11. Their protests outside that cesspit have been swept under the carpet. Just like some other issues......
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