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  1. I wasn't confident before the game and even at 2-0 ht I wasn't that confident. By fuck I was wrong ! 4-0 away from home in Europe is a great result. Well done Rangers
  2. We need to tighten up at the back because that mob are a threat going forward. This game is not over. Come on Rangers
  3. Brian Laudrup obviously. And Steven Whitaker leaving........
  4. Just read this, thoughts are with you and your family Goat
  5. Got a laptop mate. I obviously use my IPhone for convenience and when I'm out. Hopefully the site gets sorted
  6. Motherwell, Separate Entity and Killie all away in the next few weeks concern me.
  7. Cheers mate. Sometimes I can't even post !! Using my IPhone as normal.
  8. How do you see the notifications and separate the forums ? I haven't a fuckin clue
  9. Early days but not impressed so far. Hope to fuck he improves
  10. Spot on mate. A few tough physical players is what we have needed for years
  11. McGregor is our best keeper and if fit should be playing.
  12. There were poor refereeing decisions but we fuckin blew it by missing too many chances. Not fuckin good enough again
  13. Exactly. We have needed that type of player for years
  14. Get the fuckin finger out and get into these bastards in the second half. Come on Rangers
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