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  1. Dreadful pedestrian performance. But 3 points is all that matters. Well done Rangers
  2. Decent so far but Stop fannying about and get a third and finish it.
  3. Like many I don't think Defoe deserves to start. It will be tough for him up against the hammer throwers. Anyway no excuses and no slip ups. Just fuckin win. Come on Rangers
  4. Just my opinion, but DJ was a far better centre forward than centre half
  5. Fuck Separate Entity. Just concentrate on our own game and win. No slip ups.
  6. I expect Separate Entity to get an early goal and Aberdeen to collapse as normal
  7. Big Duffers is deceiving....he's fuckin slower than he looks !!
  8. I understand that was the greatest second half performance since the defeat by Bayern Munich Reserves....
  9. Must admit I shit myself at the end when they had that chance and the rain/pitch fucked it for them. Then Roofes wonder goal !
  10. I thought he should have shot into the other side of the goal.....
  11. What a great result in terrible conditions. Fuckin brilliant. Well done Rangers
  12. I thought the disco lights were for their big champions league group nights !!
  13. But but they have the greatest fans in the world and are worth a goal of a start !!!
  14. Thanks for your kind words. Yes it's fuckin miserable and taking longer to get better than I expected
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