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  1. I think Gerry has forgot that they brought back Covid from Dubai !!
  2. Another Fuckin Separate Entity fan walloper on !
  3. Come out Declan or Laurie wherever you are !!
  4. Keevins on TLB - He's made a fool of himself !
  5. Keevins putting the boot in...marvellous !
  6. We are all Neil Lennon / Something Inside So Strong ....!!
  7. I wasn't going to listen to SSB tonight because I was disappointed with Gers yesterday but fuck it I'm tuning in tonight thanks to wee innocent victim Lenny !!
  8. Think it's Thursday before Sturgeon does her tv show. She is back in Parliament for the next 2 days
  9. Forget the title is over pish and come out the traps for a change. Time we played well and had a comfortable win. We need to be up for it and no fuckin complacency
  10. Fuckin poor performance. A point will do I suppose especially after that first half. Disappointing. Get rid of this Fuckin league is over complacency shite. We need to start the games better. Anyway no damage done thank Fuck
  11. Fuckin terrible first half. We need to get rid of this complacent shite that the league is over. Fuckin waken up Rangers
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