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  1. Well played Italy. But the big question…does Ferdinand dye his beard !!
  2. Sounds like Ange is becoming a fuckin tactical genius !!
  3. I fuckin missed it. Any helium voiced fuckwits greeting ?
  4. Where’s that sanctimonious prick Laurie !
  5. Keane or Clarke ? Both are pricks
  6. Fast Eddie has fucked off ha ha ha must be fuckin tossers Keane or Clarke then
  7. Big bag of popcorn ready...any news tonight !!!
  8. It takes someone with class and integrity to admit they were wrong and apologise....so there is no chance that fuckin clown will apologise !
  9. Cheers mate. Though I'm reluctant to click on that !!
  10. I'll watch the presentation on RTV then head over.
  11. Fuckin well done...The Undefeated Champions and Legends
  12. Decent first half. Come out the traps the second half and finish the bastards. RTV link constant buffering and is fuckin shite.
  13. RTV is fuckin hopeless. Looks like Hesgoal for some !
  14. Anybody else having problems getting RTV virtual season ticket link ?
  15. The day we have waited for after 10 years of fuckin pain and agony. For me it's the most important title ever. Like many I'll be emotional when that Trophy gets lifted and I'll probably think about fellow fans that are no longer with us. Anyway have a great day and celebrate like fuck...oh and stay safe 😉
  16. Hopefully the players are up for one last 90mins and then celebrate like like fuck. Come on Rangers
  17. Well deserved by an outstanding goalkeeper
  18. Good professional performance and clinical finishing. Though they should have scored. Anyway well done Rangers. One game to go
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