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  1. Summer Signing Pass Marks ?

    Most of the January and summer signings have made very little impact. I agree hill and hodson seem to be the only two that have brought anything so far
  2. McSalary: No regrets

    Nothing he said was out of order I'm not sure what people would expect him to say. As as a manger he was sub standard we all know that but I'm not sure what the issue is with the interview
  3. Walk Away McCoist.

    Aye I'm for real he stood by us and I'm certainly not goin to call for his head at this stage. His main job was get us promoted the cups lets face it were a bonus nothing more.
  4. Walk Away McCoist.

    I hope gers fans don't jump on the band wagon wi this nonesence talk about sacking mccoist
  5. Do we have any of the 400 here?

    Welcome back what a great reply if not slightly confusing
  6. Do we have any of the 400 here?

    Who do some of the people on here think they are it's embarrassing they think they have the right to tell other fans what games they should and shouldn't be attending