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  1. Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    Diddy teams? He has scored against celtic hibs and Aberdeen this season. Can't say he has only been doing things against the weaker opposition. Although after his goal on Sunday he was poor.
  2. Lyn said: “For them to take Lee into their hearts is amazing. They’re helping our family do something positive out of his murder. They have been like a second family. “They’ve always been there for us. Lee would be over the moon. He was a Man Utd fan, but he’d be overwhelmed. There was no connection with Rangers before Lee’s death. “But their fans have since done a lot of fundraising. “We’ve made friends up there and we still visit them. Glasgow is like a second home to us now.” some fantastic words from his mother. Really hit home just how much being a bear makes me proud no matter the bad results and off field issues. What a support and club.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He's pulling off that "about to mug a granny" celtic look so well.
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    arrive to the dole queue in style with Celtics very own new balance shoes
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Give me oil in my lamp
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Wasnt celtic it was clearly just "football" fans
  7. An Ill-Judged Use of Slang or a Bigot?

    Off on a bit of a tangent here but Scottish nationalists and Scottish/Irish republicans would abondon each other at the drop of a hat if their wee dream ever became a reality. The squabbling would kick off as soon as they reliased that their shared goal would be for completely different reasons and agenda. And More worryingly the republican movement would probably be far more organised and influential with a helping from their friends over the water. It's why the SNP allowing Scottish independence to be mixed in with the support of Irish republicanism in this country was no doubt a guaranteed vote winner but it is a very dark road to go down.
  8. Police Yesterday

    There will be serious trouble at a game where we beat them and start continuously challenging them. They are the worst losers on the planet.
  9. Police Yesterday

    Thought the sister banner was a reminder to themselves in all honesty.
  10. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    They are rabid and brainwashed. Seen celtic players a few times in the city centre and on nights out in different clubs. I just simply ignore them and not acknowledge them. The sight of anything Rangers is enough to set your average celtic fan into a frothing rage. It's pathetic and disturbing and as I previously said one of the many reasons I am grateful not to be one of them.
  11. Rhat bastard

    Fuck him. We have had players/ex players in our end before at parkhead and quite rightly lapped it up. Only sure way to stop it is by first of all start producing a team capable of beating the cunts.
  12. Scum attacking Rangers fans going home

    Two posts that sums them up to a tee. Fantasists and warped in the mind, brainwashed. As hard as being a Rangers fan is at times just now just honestly thank god you are not one of them. A strange bunch.
  13. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    sister shagging bastards.
  14. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Let's do this glasgow Rangers
  15. Give them hell.

  16. Fuck you celtic

  17. Fuck you celtic

  18. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    If you were to describe a peado. That is more or less exactly how I would describe one.
  19. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    I have had a about 4 clear dreams about Rangers this week. For some reason I had one last night about us scoring against Aberdeen at Ibrox in the last minute also had one earlier in the week where we came from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 in the last minute on Sunday. Think my brain is trying to tell me something about a last minute goal.
  20. Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    Sorry to hear that absent friends
  21. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Marilyn Manson removed one rib to give himself blowjobs.
  22. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Buzzing and it's only Tuesday.
  23. This. Wtf was the defender doing
  24. Which one would you choose?

    I want to see grown men greeting into their Brendan's here for ten in a row scarfs over the next few weeks.