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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Fuck Jim white
  2. Butcher's Son.

    Shocking news RIP
  3. Another Good Bear Gone

    Rip to a fellow bear and thanks for the service
  4. Rangers related picture thread

    Superb thread . Fucking Love this club .
  5. 150th Anniversary Celebrations

    By winning the league
  6. Gazza tonight

    You do realise as already pointed out gazza done a half time draw a few years back
  7. Slovenia v Scotland

    Thought he meant bheggars and found myself agreeing with him
  8. Slovenia v Scotland

    That is why I take joy in the Scotland national teams misery . Up you griffiths ya rat bastard and every nationalist , sheep shagging yes voter aswell .
  9. Thick dundee united fans.

    Dundee Utd forgot about them
  10. Football is fucked

    Champions league has become predictable and stale in my opinion . Last major "surprise" was Chelsea winning it and even then they are still one of the worlds richest teams.
  11. Wee Vladimir

    A stadium full of yes voters , sheepshaggers and beggars . Not surprised .
  12. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    You are not that far away from the country side in Glasgow
  13. Sunday Night Loyal...

    Gordon strap on
  14. Sunday Night Loyal...

    Fartin O'Neil
  15. Sunday Night Loyal...

    Think you have been sampling the medicine
  16. Sunday Night Loyal...

    bhears Is the worst thing I have ever read on this forum
  17. Words that never been said on this site.

    Yer maws on tinder
  18. Words that never been said on this site.

    Aye you have us on the rope here derek
  19. Words that never been said on this site.

    Your club harboured peadophiles .
  20. Miller to train with the Kids

    Le guen was here for 6 months .
  21. Consigned to mediocrity.

    Basically what we all knew . The roles have reversed from the early 90's to now .
  22. Miller to train with the Kids

    And Robertson aswell