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  1. If you offered me one game to go back in time and attend personally out of all them it would be winning the league at the piggery . What a day , night and week that must have been .
  2. Wee bit of a buzz kicking in for this one now . Excited to see how this squad reacts to a setback . Obviously want a win but a comfortable performance will be great aswell.
  3. That just looks so stupid with that in the corner
  4. Least we know where you sit at parkhead now
  5. Not even read it but can imagine what it says "me and Neil were both passionate rivals on the pitch . Blah blah blah he's a great guy off the pitch ." I swear he has wrote the same piece about 4 times in the past about him and poor wee Neil
  6. Probably more likely than weiss's plane ever landing
  7. The rugby player mentions something about football in the clip . I am guessing he is Glasgow warriors new signing , Pedro seems to have an interest in Glasgow Warriors . So has probably invited him to Ibrox on Saturday and just went along to greet him because he can.
  8. Was worth a try
  9. In that clip he says something about "the footie" . Maybe rangers have invited him to saturdays game
  10. Signing a rugby player in preparation for the next hibs match
  11. Do you mean experienced coach Eddie Mcavoy?
  12. We need to give up this fascination with this cretin . Fuck him .
  13. 3 out of 5 red cards being overturned is laughable and shows just what an amateur job they are actually doing .
  14. Beaton and the others who have made these decisions should be made to explain their reasons behind these decisions .
  15. I was more meaning we should have had a different approach altogether when we were in division 3 rather than ally . Only reason he was still there was his soundbites struck a chord with our emotional support at that time .
  16. Getting thrown down was obviously the biggest cause of the situation right now . However I still think the extra year down in the championship was the biggest fuck up of it all . The writing was on the wall with ally early on as a manager and we continued to let him fuck about in the lower divisions spunking money all over the place .
  17. Awryt calm down a wee bit mate . Celtic have no intention of signing walker . Particularly now they have actually qualified for the champions league
  18. My biggest issue is that logically I think to myself in 2,3,4 years time we will be up there and challenging and hopefully winning the title and I should accept that . But emotionally I just can't ignore the thought of them doing ten in a row .
  19. I kind of find myself floating to this way of thinking now and then . Then I slip into thinking doom and gloom and twenty years of misery ahead . There is no inbetween with my brain We need to at least challenge and put a bit of fight up this season . None of this being pumped silly by them nonsense . Just give us back a bit of pride at least this season and anything else is a bonus and take it from there .
  20. Us in the new year game for all the good it done
  21. They have always been a set of ugly inbred bastards wether we are worse , bettter or similar in football quality to them . That is all we have for now .
  22. Be aswell deleting the forum
  23. Surely the ref has to stop that