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  1. Alves doesn't get it

    Alves hasn't exactly been firing in all cylinders anyway this season but he was far from the worst player in the early part of the season . Lately he has been woeful . Not sure if he has lost his way completely after Pedro been shown the door .
  2. midfield

    I could actually see why murty thought of bringing krancjar on when he did . It was quite a flat , going through the motions type game where we needed something to try and break through their defence . It didn't help that just as krancjar was coming on they scored their second . The whole pace of the game changed and krancjar was out of his depth at that point to put it politely .
  3. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    The bit that hit me the most aswell
  4. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    thats fantastic . all the best wee man
  5. Would you take winning the league....

    Would rather win the league while they get their arse handed to them in europe . thought of them winning a european trophy gives me the boak . there would be organised street parties in glasgow , open top parades the lot .
  6. Junkies vs Rangers

    still buzzing
  7. Title winning form?

    one thing is for certain the gap is closing
  8. "Just now"

    all the best mate. no surrender
  9. Junkies vs Rangers

  10. Junkies vs Rangers

  11. December is a big month

    Its celtic getting to european final . it would be horrific and wont happen.
  12. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    He is ripping the arse out this whole scenario now .
  13. December is a big month

    The season was over in septenber last year
  14. Junkies vs Rangers

  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    With a Last minute dodgy penalty
  16. a big win . Wedenseday will be a huge indicator of what direction we are heading
  17. Derek McInnes

    Clarity and transparency they promised . A load of fucking shite
  18. Derek McInnes

    Just seen mcinness in the trainer sections at JD sports demanding to know if they have any brown brogues in stock . Done deal
  19. Big jig talks Walter smith with Simon ferry

    Champions league 92-93 and UEFA cup 2007-2008
  20. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    not wanting to get ahead of myself but there is something about this victory that feels different . The 3-0 up there last season was another great day but we kind of all seemed to understand that we had a Fantastically weird 5 minute spell of the game and got the victory as fantastic as it was . Yesterday with 11 men we bossed them in their own midden and then held on for half an hour with some grit and determination we have been missing for years after going a man down. Feels like more of a statement . I am starting to allow myself to feel a hint of positivity again . Please don't let me down this time Rangers .
  21. Big jig talks Walter smith with Simon ferry

    You can sense the fear the filth had and still have for smith .
  22. Ryan Jack Red

    It's no even the worst Ryan jack sending off I have seen
  23. the filths penalty tonight

    Rodgers is celtic in person . A sleekit deluded heidcase .
  24. King here now

    King was checking if we stocked any Liverpool tops