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  1. Hope we come out to gunrunners
  2. Also well done to Glasgow uni on that response
  3. He is desperate to remain relevant . Just laugh at his pathetic existence
  4. Dave king Dosent know what he is talking about , am only worried about Celtic blah blah blah . Saying that it is only between Celtic and Rangers is disrespectful to Aberdeen and st Johnstone well Brendan have a look at the last 30 odd winners of the Scottish premier division and you will see an obvious pattern
  5. Rodgers has bit now aswell
  6. Mind this
  7. Easter road and getting pumped 4-0 for me was maybe the lowest until the two 5-1s last season.
  8. What was the whole thing about them bringing out an advert in some foreign paper or something about that resolution 12 shite
  9. Am just waiting on somebody to confirm he is still on holiday
  10. Ally on the karaoke weve got great pitch geography pub at half time for more booze Charles green death bed interview on sky sports news
  11. Did Charles green not do the ice bucket challenge and challenge peter lawell
  12. That and beating the sheep 3-0 are the only memorable moments from this season
  13. Sutton was raging for about 8 weeks following that
  14. When we took on little mix fans for Christmas number one
  15. .
  16. Waghorn running the ball of the pitch v Celtic last season in the Scottish cup semi
  17. Murty's headstand
  18. The brand spanking new team bus getting set on fire
  19. I hope it's just mind games and he dosent actually think this way . but he does have the bheasts spewing so that's always a positive
  20. There a league cup to be won in that time aswell
  21. Sash was never banned
  22. Starting to like this sevco more than a did rangers to be honest
  23. Helllllloooo helllllloooo
  24. This is nothing to do with the OP post or anything but I see aswell that the record have decided that their biggest news story from yesterday regarding us is the soft loans dave king mentioned