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  1. Two games before pittodrie right enough that need won but sheepshaggers will be pedros first real test of going into a game where he will have to get the players up for a scrap if required . Interested to see how we go after warburtons constant shiting the bed for big away games
  2. Pittodrie will be a good indicator for that .
  3. Away yae go
  4. No I am talking about rangers against the tramps next month
  5. Celtic love in is embarrassing . Hope we hammer these mutants at hampden
  6. Hoping that was a career ender for brown there . Thoroughly disappointed when He got back up .
  7. Slovenia putting most Scottish premiership players to shame and showing up Celtic players for the average players they truly are . Media big them up something awful here
  8. This game is awful
  9. Sure I have seen clips of the Donegal 12th walk and it goes through quiet wee country roads before finishing on a beach . Looks a great day out
  10. Celtic fans are stuck in a 1920s time warp of how they view Ireland . Mostly down to the fact half of them have never set foot in the place they claim to call home
  11. Aye.sure the police and media made a fuss about their banner a few years back because it said "behind enemy lines" . The police wanted them to remove it
  12. RIP bob thanks for your service
  13. Kilmarnock away last year aswel when we won the replay with the last kick of the baw was brilliant aswell . Edu was another that for some reason slipped my mind earlier . Best celebration I have had at ibrox
  14. rangers are more than a club and that fixture is and always will be more than a game . Those who don't understand those points never will .
  15. amazing moment , only moment that maybe beats it for me personally was the other scenes when rogic ballooned his penalty over the bar last season .
  16. If anything I think Cummings would be at his best in old firm games . He regularly turned up against us , hearts and all through hibs recent cup runs . Europe obviously is a different ball game as he has never really played there bar one qualifying round
  17. Our away support still is easily one of the most vocal in Britain . Even this season when we have been shite the way fans have still being giving it laldy .
  18. Either way that is some truly horrific patter from that mutant
  19. Aye the run is easy to maintain when you are so far forward and playing with no relative pressure and in a weird way knowing that you can afford to get beat . But going up to places like Inverness when you are 30 points ahead is completely different to when you are only 5 or 8 points ahead and know a slip up opens the door for your opponent . Keep the pressure on them next season and see how they handle it . Main thing we need to do is not drop silly points against the other 11 teams from next season
  20. Wouldn't say it's as much they lay down but I do think that many teams belive the media hype about "invincibles" and so on before a ball is even kicked . They are an average Celtic squad . Oneil , strachan and probably even lennons teams were better than the current lot
  21. Cheers Graeme . You seem to be one of life's good guys
  22. Gallowgate the day
  23. Yer boyfriends a sheeshagging prick , yer music is shite and Scotland said and stilll does says no .
  24. The sun is a fucking rag .
  25. That was hilarious . Half a dozen or so tims and not a brain cell between the lot of them