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  1. Fuck sake could you imagine waghorn with one of they wee cheap flyaways
  2. Trying to find any sort of positive from Sunday is hard but I am hoping that it could lead to Pedro using that as future reference from next season to never let our performance sink that low again. Sorry to pick out the number one warburtism but he has to learn from it and hopefully he does . The one difference I can see is it has clearly got to him in a way we never really noticed under warburton who would have just spent the press conference after a game like Sunday telling us we learned from it , trained well and everything was brand new.
  3. as much as the results have been inconsistent I am hoping these two months Pedro will have had to end the season will stand him in good stead for next season and help him understand how to conduct himself Regarding the press . Give them nothing and focus on our own games on a week by week basis and let's try and build some consistency . The big question of course is how will the board back him and get his own players in .
  4. The 3-2 game in 2012 was one of the best atmospheres I have been involved in at ibrox . We demolished them only to gift them two goals in the dying minutes . A great day . The old place has not seen many days like it since then unfortunately . It is definitely due one .
  5. Aye a strange day looking back . Great result but They had just cantered the league but you could still sense the fear from them that day . They knew with Walter back that the next couple of years was not going to go there way
  6. This for me . In 2012 when everything kicked off Looking back on the glory days was a great sense of comfort and escape from what was happening . Just to remind us all what we are . Still proud as ever watching those clips and seeing these stories but it also saddens me now to see the depths this great club has sunk to in recent years . And have been passed from one incompetent bunch of fuckwits to another. the board and the players who should these clips and stories rammed down their throats to remind them who and where they are at .
  7. This thread title is worse than the waghorns finishing
  8. They fucking do aswell . Yesterday they were giving it ten in a row at one point and the rangers end just burst into big jock knew. There was then a couple of minutes of shameful Silence from their end as they all deep down know .
  9. Hibs are pish
  10. Anyone who is not willing to do this is clearly not a true staunch rangers man
  11. Please please do these cunts tomorrow rangers .
  12. Is the roumor about fod not originally from Simon rowntree
  13. When the time is right the club should invite his wife and children up for a game . Let them see how well he is regarded by us
  14. It was the day we knew we were on our way back under smith . You could sense the fear from torbett towers
  15. Paul Merson with a very emotional interview
  16. Mind everyone in school trying to do a big ugo overhead screamer on the pitch every lunchtime or at training for about three weeks after that game .
  17. RIP big man once a bear always a bear
  18. He used to play like he was pushing 30 trolleys about aswell
  19. Reminds me of the time i met o'hallaron on a Sunday at mass
  20. All the best big ugo and speedy recovery Your moment at parkhead will live long in the memory
  21. Some Managers come out with these things quite often regarding their club . Most times it's rubbished by the media and is laughed off . But at Celtic their is variety of managers past and present , players and anyone with any connection to the club who are wheeled out to toe the party line at anytime leading up to an important game . It's both hilarious and worrying .
  22. McKay shouldn't start on Sunday
  23. this game had some Great shots of celebrating rangers fans and greeting tims 7:00 to 7:10 is a great example
  24. in mark warburtons world it would be down to the randomness of Celtic having a goalie between the posts