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  1. Heard they had a banner was it calling out their own clubs decades of covering up ? For a support who love a cause to latch on to they aren’t half blind to the one on their own doorstep
  2. Sutton will be linking him with Dunfermline
  3. This squad is sleepwalking into a tighter title challenge than it really should be at best or fucking it completely at worst . Same story since game 1 but they really need to get a fucking grip of themselves . Far too much at stake this season for this half arsed attitude.
  4. Cooper’s goal is amazing waltzes by half of Gorgie 😂
  5. The weird thing is this where they thrive and feel comfortable only they could come out of a decade where their biggest rival has been sent down to the lowest division and had to climb all the way back up . While they get a clean sweep at European money and domestic success. then still think they are hard done by
  6. Said it before . Stewart is their useful idiot . Even now he is taking all the flack while Findlay , call it out and nil by mouth sit in the background watching on . like most Scottish nationalists he is strung along like a puppet by those with who are more interested in Irish republicanism and doesn’t even realise it
  7. She obviously missed his Glen Kamara comments then
  8. On certain things yes . But this is trying to paint the club as sectarian based on nothing more than a tune used in a song. It deserves to be publicly ridiculed
  9. Hope he reads here Michael you were a failure everywhere you went We shall not be moved Scotland said no enjoy the rest of your day
  10. He’s probably on the call it out nightly zoom chat group now .
  11. Have they actually heard the pre match rebel fest they blare over the tannoy at parkhead
  12. “I do not care that Rangers think they are 150 years old “ yes she does. She cares a great deal and that is really what this all boils down to . They wanted us dead and it never happened so they have spent the last 24 hours gnashing their teeth at a positive Rangers story about our long and successful history and came up with this pish
  13. If you play the video in reverse and slow it down x4 you actually hear the billy boys Keep it a secret though
  14. Mental how that thread starts with “now we are on the up” then a week later was Progres. wasn’t there also a “we didn’t start the fire” thread aswell?
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