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  1. The new club patter is taking on much more venom these days than the wee fake jokey way they used to go on about it when all was rosy at the chamber of secrets. I love it
  2. One of the fan social media pages has brought out tommy “we’ve got big Shane Duffy at the back” Sheridan For his opinion In one Sentance he manages to state “a new club with their best start in 53 years” Oh Tommy
  3. Police : Whose banner is that ? full green brigade :
  4. The fear and paranoia is something to behold . All because deep down they know normality is returning and the fortunate bubble they have enjoyed for the last decade is going to come to an end . even at our lowest over the last decade we all knew that one day we would rise to the top again. Even at their highest they were still fearing it in the back of their mind . That’s the difference between us .
  5. It’s Palestine and it’s people I feel sorry for who is going to look after them if the Celtic fans are too occupied with the current managerial position at the club to wave their countries flag
  6. Rangers represent everything I need for a football club and what I’m proud of with my country . the support which now makes up Scotland’s fanbase is as alien to me with their rampant nationalism as Celtic’s support with their republicanism. 2012 and the never ending referendum question have damaged any interest in the national team beyond repair for me.
  7. What a time warp that thread was there was someone actually using Richard Foster as a username
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