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  1. The pain and lashing out is fantastic. “quad treble” ”yer first title” “10 year old club” “What’s happening with your players who broke the Covid rules” loving every single second of it
  2. Beaton is the reason we have the compliance officer used so often rank amateur referee
  3. Doesn’t the Scottish cup have to be completed by early May this year . Think hampden is getting work done before the euros . Leaves them pretty much 2 months to cram in more or less a full tournament .
  4. Going to be some laugh watching the SFA trying to squeeze this in
  5. May we remember that 40 years on Northern Ireland remains British
  6. One of them ending up being McCoist’s last game in charge I’m sure .
  7. The early days of division 3 still feel so fresh and not like they are approaching a decade ago . Then you have moments like getting destroyed 4-0 at Easter road, 3-0 v QOTS in the championship which seem like fucking years ago and almost surreal. Mind fuck of a decade
  8. Watched the second half Aberdeen played like relegation fodder their commentary team creaming themselves that they came more into the game in the second half while posing fuck all of a threat
  9. Aberdeen imagine they were at Ibrox today and we were in similar position to Celtic . The kitchen sink would be flung at us by the sheephagging cunts
  10. What 5 minutes are you talking about ?
  11. 15 minutes of that tie means you probably missed about 6 goals
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