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  1. That “Shitey wee Falkirk player” Saluting his way past Midtjylland
  2. Amazing how sympathetic and caring Sutton is for Ange compared to his treatment of caxinha Hope last year and the possibly the next few year hurt as much as 2003 and 2005 Chris
  3. Loving every minute of these bastards collapse spent the last decade thinking they were miles ahead of us and we were never a threat to their dominance the only time they played a blinder was actually getting Rodgers in only to make a rip roaring cunt of that in the end Hope they are enjoying their return to normality
  4. McGregor is still head and shoulders above him
  5. The are expecting a full house for the champions league qualifier at home which is before the old firm game
  6. Nothing wrong with a wee glamour friendly , Sebo v Chelsea in 2007 was some fantastic scenes in the stands regardless of wether it was as friendly or not
  7. I love reminding them in work with my big smug smile at some of the predictions over the last few years fantastic way to pass the day
  8. Only a few short years ago they were telling us Brendan was going to make them a European powerhouse , 10,15, 20 in a row was on the horizon , they were going to leave us so far behind etc etc remind them of that and watch the slight glimmer of hope and delusion disappear from their soul and the true reality sets in that this is the standard they are now reduced to accepting . It’s great fun
  9. They have been doing it for 50 plus years already a horrible football club from top to bottom
  10. It’s nice to know that George square celebrations have probably left a permanent mental scar and trauma on them along with our 9 in a row , Parkhead 99 , helicopter Sunday etc etc the list is endless
  11. Lee Griffiths heard there was a 15th birthday party and turned up with a packet of Werthers originals
  12. George square and this City will always be ours . 55 reminded them of that
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