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  1. Bet poor wee Neil wasn’t complaining that night
  2. Aye Wallace wasn’t it if I remember right
  3. Yeah don’t disagree that background goings on had some sort of impact on that season but we chucked some amount of points in November and December . And yeah start was great , thought 4 in a row was in the bag by October .
  4. We were behind Celtic on the 11th feb . It was the date of the last game we played before admin was against Dunfermline and we won 4-1 from the match report “It ensured that Ally McCoist's side bounced back from the disappointment of exiting the Scottish Cup last weekend to keep the pressure on Scottish Premier League leaders Celtic” im sure the gap was about 4 points at that point but I could be wrong . We also had Cousin in the stand watching as he was expected to re-sign that week which made admin even more of a surprise
  5. We went into admin in February that season . The position we were in was chucked well before that
  6. Has their been a wickedest baseline version of this goal made yet
  7. Wilkins and Thern goals v them are also up there and deserve mentions
  8. Only disappointment to take from that is there wasn’t a full Rangers end to create the scenes that goal deserved
  9. Facts and truth . Every Celtic fans kryptonite
  10. Think he’s a cult hero among Celtic fans for his commentary on our games
  11. Most of them are wee guy so fair play to them . If it winds up them even better
  12. Think that was their song of choice aimed at us over the last few years going by the some of the stuff I have heard from some of them in my work in that time but if we turn it back on them I’m all for that
  13. All he’s remembered is being slapped about for 90 minutes off Thompson and Bougherra. Whatever else he done against the rest of the cannon fodder in the league was irrelevant as we coasted to the title.
  14. The fanfare they had for signing this Dumpling hope in a years time he is remembered as fondly as Robbie Keane
  15. cr3_bear


    Mon the Rangers 🇬🇧 All I really have to add
  16. She done one of those programmes about her family tree am sure and her family were all orangemen.
  17. What a difference it makes to your mentality when you wake up fresh on a Saturday knowing you still have the full weekend ahead of you opposed to waking up fucked on a Sunday afternoon full of fear knowing it’s straight back to work tomorrow once we are allowed back to games I know I will be straight back to the rough Sunday scenario more often than the other one
  18. Newcastle aren’t near us or Celtic at all . A big club in their own right but us and them dwarf them quite easily .
  19. Struth , Wallace and Smith . Each of their generations definition of Mr Rangers
  20. Everything about that club is tainted sordid horrible cunts
  21. They used to do a bit every month about famous rivalries called “more than a game “ obviously done one on us and them and all the famous rivalries throughout the planet but once it was us and the sheep . Also where I discovered about Crystal Palace and Brighton hating each other
  22. Rangers news , NME , four four two and nuts/zoo sure I had a four four two where they done a great feature on the rivalry between us and Aberdeen but never been able to find the article online
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