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  1. Hope your squirming Peter ya fat horrible slimy bastard
  2. At least the last two teams that chased 10 in a row with us and them had the decency to actually take the challenge to the wire. this current Celtic team have fucked the easiest chance of the the three with it being laid out on a plate for them since 2012 . And they will never be allowed to forget it
  3. Stewart took the job at Celtic TV thinking it was going to be a jolly to ten in a row get it up him
  4. Yup I always think back to leaving Parkhead after they beat us 5-0 and won the league . Even more so to keep me grounded amongst all this excitement building up and remembering all the smugness of them at that point . I genuinely thought they could have whatever in a row they feel like and there was nothing we could do about it . The transformation gerrard has done from that point and where we were is remarkable .
  5. All the famous ones are in there but special mention to the Rangers end at Easter road in the Stephen Hughes goal .looks superb . I think I remember watching that game on tele
  6. They have been singing about 10 in a row since 2012 first of all it shows what a fucking farce the whole thing is as they have had it handed to them on a plate since then secondly it has totally consumed them since then . When it’s officially gone it will be the biggest fuck up in their history . And we should never let them forget it
  7. I don’t know what they expected us to do this season . I was always confident that we were at least capable of challenging and think most pundits and neutrals would also have backed that heading into the season . the fact they seem to have not even let that thought enter their mind is mental . Worked out great for us because the position we are in now I didn’t expect .
  8. They played well the first half . Had two decent chances and mcgregor dealt with both . After that they done nothing . People comparing it to our cup final performance are wrong . We missed far more opportunities that day than they did on Saturday .
  9. All it has done is add to their situation . Players that have crumbled under pressure all season have just had more added on to them .
  10. We couldn’t even get fixtures moved for a European final they got one moved for a jolly to Dubai during a world wide pandemic
  11. Can only hope this ends in some serious mudslinging between the goverment and the club . Land deals and emails being exposed with SNP councillors and the Goverment chucking the book at them in response for being peado harbouring bastards would be a fitting end the saga
  12. SNP v Celtic . A fight I hope ends with no winner
  13. Mon the Glasgow Rangers Do it for the 66 No bigger motivation required
  14. Seeing a few of this worried about being favourites and I get it based on past few years . But if we strive to become the dominant team in the country again we have to be used to it and our squad has to cope with it and actually enjoy it . Every time we play them at Ibrox we should be favourites
  15. Aberdeen . Totally consumed by Rangers . They really Enjoyed their few years of thinking they were relevant to us . Now back to being the pointless existence of a club they have always been
  16. We are at home and have a commanding lead in the table . It’s common sense to back us if your a pundit or a neutral placing a bet . This is normality in old firm fixtures , the last few years were not
  17. End of the day it’s the old cliche . It’s an old firm game and form can go right out the window . We have all seen that saying work for us and against us in this fixture down the years . For the first time since Smith though I genuinely believe we are a far superior team on the pitch and if we turn up we win .
  18. Circumstances are very similar to the famous Mo edu goal game . First time in a decade we have found ourselves is such a position
  19. Yup they are going to need to throw everything at it and it would be foolish to underestimate that . Their season depends on it . Up to us to prove why we are the better team
  20. Are people forgetting that sometimes that is what is required to win titles . It’s not 38 games of total free flowing football . Sometimes you have to grind out the shite . As long as we keep winning I don’t give a fuck
  21. Really struggling to concentrate with work today. this is our biggest week in a decade and one minute I’m buzzing and the next I am running through the worst possible scenarios in my head . supporting Rangers is some laugh
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