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  1. http://skp.airports.com.mk/Upload/Downloads/Doc/S2018.pdf List showing who flies where, Monday 1, Tuesday 2 etc One option home on Wed is Skopje to Eindhoven (currently £18 with Wizz), train to Amsterdam and back to the UK from there.
  2. One option on the way out on Sunday 15/7 is Edinburgh to Malta (Ryanair, currently sitting at £46) then Wizz to Skopje (currently £95)
  3. Game confirmed as live on Sky 31st January but k.o time moved to 7.30pm.
  4. The contracts of serving directors have to be made available for shareholders to inspect at the registered company address (Ibrox) during normal business hours as a requirement of the Companies Act. However even this would not have revealed Imran's cut of commercial deals as rather conveniently he was not on the plc board just the private company one.
  5. I asked if he would be supporting or opposing the proposal to appoint Paul Murray and Frank Blin to the board.
  6. Anyone expecting Ian Hart to do the right thing may be in for a long wait he's a spineless jellyfish as was demonstrated by his inability to answer the straight question I put to him on Thursday night. He's a nice guy all right but certainly not the type you want fighting the good fight in the Rangers boardroom.
  7. Because it should have been announced via a Stock Exchange announcement.
  8. Oooooh a jump the shark moment!
  9. So the current board hired Charles Green as a consultant when he's supporting a former employee to sue us for £3.4m?
  10. Statement on behalf of Walter Smith: I can today confirm that following talks over the last few weeks I am leading a new bid for Rangers Football Club. I have been assisted by Jim McColl, Douglas Park and other prominent Scottish businessmen with a shared objective – that Rangers Football Club should be in the hands of Rangers people who will stabilise the Club and protect it from future situations like we find ourselves in today. With this in mind, representatives have, on behalf of my group, made representations to BDO, Duff and Phelps and indeed Charles Green, notifying them of our willingness to offer on the “Newco” basis on which Mr Green is proceeding. We would call on Mr Green to step aside and allow us to proceed with our deal which is in the best interests of the creditors, the employees, the fans and the various other stakeholders of Rangers Football Club. None of our group has any desire to own Rangers Football Club but we have put this deal in place to save the Club. However, our overriding objective is to ensure that the stadium, the history and everything else magical about Rangers Football Club is protected and nurtured back to good health and provide a platform for Rangers for generations to come. Let’s be clear, this is an acquisition designed to stabilise the Club and ensure history does not repeat itself. We are not in this to take money out of the Club but more so to do whatever it takes in a turnaround plan to ensure within a few years the Club can be passed on intact and to the right people. The supporters should be under no illusion that it will be extremely hard but with their support we can overcome financial hardship that lies ahead by lending their support to what we feel is the correct way forward – for Rangers people who know the Club inside and out to control its destiny. The prominent Scottish businessmen involved have agreed to provide acquisition funding to allow myself and a management team to take on Rangers Football Club and make the business self-sufficient with long term sustainability being essential. I would hope that this offer is fully supported by everyone in the Rangers Family as without them the Club cannot and will not survive. We therefore want to ensure honesty and transparency in everything we do. We want to rebuild Rangers Football Club and in doing so return the institution to the standards it is known for.
  11. bad rep for being a bluenose ,its noted mate

  12. While that may well be the theory it's certainly not the practice.
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